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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

12/07/2011 AIS Arena Canberra

My husband won tickets to see Stevie Nicks in Canberra. I couldn’t believe it, we couldn’t afford tickets, and they were the last two tickets. This is my second marriage and I had to ask my first husband and father of my children to look after the kids so I could go to the concert, his response “Oh man, the universe sucks, that is so unfair”, he also wanted to go to the concert, and is also a huge fan. Our daughter is named Rhiannon.

We loved the concert, my favourite song was Landslide, it was beautiful, it made me cry.

I love her new album.

I loved seeing her and listening to her, she is so gorgeous. She would have to be the most beautiful big kid I have ever seen.

A week later and my husband and I are still talking about her and the concert. It was an experience that will stay with us for ever.

Renee W.
I was at Stevie's concert in Canberra last night at the AIS Arena. It was an AWESOME experience - Stevie was brilliant as always and her band were just wonderful.
I've seen Stevie twice with Fleetwood Mac in Sydney and now solo. Dave Stewart was fabulous as well, solo and when he joined the band to play some In Your Dreams songs.
Stevie's voice is MAGIC and just keeps getting better - she sounded flawless in every song.
I loved hearing all her stories about when the songs were written, the inspiration behind them and then seeing the videos playing behind her. My favourite songs last night were - Stand Back, Landslide - love the video!, Rhiannon, Dreams, Love Is, Leather & Lace - with her vocal coach who has a great voice, Soldier's Angel, Secret Love but really every song was such a joy to hear her sing live and I was spellbound!!
Thank you Stevie for a magic night and a magic performance - come back soon!!!

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