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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

12/05/2011 Entertainment Centre Wollongong Win

Stevie was in fine voice and the band excellent as always . The audience was clearly delighted at her first ever performance here. She is clearly greatly revered and respected by her Wollongong fans which included all ages.

There was a mass singalong to Dreams & Landslide & the chorus of Rhiannon, not to mention the dancing.

The audience was very receptive to the material from In Your Dreams and listened attentively to A Soldiers Angel, which to my mind was the standout performance in a stellar set.

She seemed genuinely touched by the warmth of the audience. A good night was had by all.

I hope for more recordings and tours please.

Nigel B.
This was a GREAT show. I've hoped and preyed for Stevie to come to Wollongong for as long as i can remember. Support bands did an excellent job of entertaining the crowd. Really enjoyed seeing Dave Stewart live. From the start of the first song till after the last song, i was in heaven. Stevie taking me on an amazing journey through the years with songs from her early Fleetwood Mac days and all through-out her solo career. The songs from In Your Dreams certainly hold their own alongside her older more well known material. The sound and lighting were fantastic, only adding to the whole atmosphere. Stevie still sounds great, and looks a million bucks. I left the show wishing it could have gone on forever. Lucky i have her cd's and dvd's to tide me over till hopefully one day she returns to my little corner of the world. PLEASE ! Stevie if you read this, PLEASE ! come back some day. Im sure Wollongong would accept Stevie back with open hearts and open arms. I know i certainly will. I loved the show. From the start of the support artists to the final curtain, you couldn't wipe the smile from my face. Im Nigel Bowman, forever and eternally a Stevie Nicks fan :):)

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