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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

12/03/2011 Riverstage Brisbane

Jason T.
"Stand Back" set the scene for Stevie's return to Brisbane. The song put the crowd firmly in the palm of Stevie's hands immediately, where we remained right through until "Edge Of Seventeen" set the white-winged dove in all of us free.

At first, Stevie must have thought Brisbane wasn't showing her much love. Little did the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll know that security were discouraging fans from getting up out of their seats and dancing up a storm.

Stevie dutifully announced that this wasn't a Greatest Hits show, as her last solo and Fleetwood Mac tours had been. She told the audience that she had a new album to promote and new songs to present to us. "Sequencing is my forte", Stevie told us, as she launched into "Secret Love" (the second song of the night), but reassured us that we would be hearing some of the older songs we know and love also.

Strangely, she never mentioned "In Your Dreams" by name, but told us that it was among her proudest achievements and the most fun she has ever had making a record. At shows end, Stevie told the audience that, "you are the kind of people I would invite into my living room" in response to the raptuous reception the new material got from us. In fact, it was during "Ghosts Are Gone" that Stevie discovered that security were discouraging audience members from leaving their seat after witnessing an audience member in the front row be approached by a security team member and dutifully return to her seat.

Stevie's voice was strong, her energy and spirits high, and her sense of humour was on display. She really worked hard to impress us, joking that she thought we were "hating the show" due to the lack of excited fans on their feet dancing around. She expressed her dissatisfaction at our being encouraged to remain seated but she suggest we "chair dance" instead as she didn't want anyone "getting into trouble".

Stevie rocked Brisbane! Clearly she wanted to thank us as our city was the place where "Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)" was written and where she decided it was "time to make another record" (during her previous tour of Australia with Fleetwood Mac). "If it hadn't been for the piano in that hotel room.... We wouldn't be here and I'd probably be at home." In appreciation, Stevie dedicated her performance of "Landslide" to us, her Brisbane fans.

Before leaving the stage for the final time, Stevie told us that she appreciated the wonderful reception to her new songs and that she would be back (and that she would continue to release new material).

The band was electric and their contribution to the night, flawless. Dave Stewart received a warm reception for his own performance as well as his presence on stage with Stevie. Clearly all on stage were glad to be back in Brisbane and Brisbane was glad to see her (and band) return.

I am so disappointed, no heart broken is the word. We had front row seats and everything. We had a huge wall of speakers between us and the stage and we could only see 1/3rd of the stage when that view was not blocked completely by the security guy. Flew in from Sydney, stayed in nice hotel so it should have been a deram experience.

If any one is thinking of ever buying seats at Riverstage in Brisbane be very very careful. Front row while it sounds great is total crap. 20th row in the centre had a better view as did most of the folks sitting on the grass.

Stevie herself was in fine voice and it was just a shame that the night was ruined by he seating and over zealous security.

Paul & Di Villiers
Thank you is needed to be said…I saw you perform live in Brisbane at the Riverstage on 3rd December. You were sensational. Thank you so much for your music, which keeps getting better and better!
I attended your concert with the most important women in my life, my 2 grown daughters, my best friend of 32 years and her grown daughter and my sister in law and her 16 year old daughter. We all thoroughly enjoyed rocking along and "chair dancing" with you, Stevie. Stay well…remain happy…and please keep Rocking on Gold Dust Woman…We love you. XO

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