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08/09/2011 Red Rocks Amphitheater Denver, CO

Red Rocks Amphitheatre southwest of Denver is the most amazing place to be~especially when Stevie's voice illuminates through the natural rock formations! Stevie said this place (Red Rocks) changed her life. This was Stevie's first show on this second leg of the U.S. tour. She looked beautiful, and sounded fantastic. The entire band rocked, and looked like they were having a great time.

Stevie sang a number of her new tunes from In Your Dreams: Annabel Lee, Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream), Soldier's Angel (saying it was her most important song--she was at Walter Reed when ambulances came, they had to escort her out, it was an awful scene, and she had to do something-the result being this song), In Your Dreams, Secret Love (still says she doesn't remember who this is about; Benmont Tench-piano player for TP & the HBs-- reminded her it was originally recorded around 1981-during Bella Donna, and Stevie jokingly said if *you* know who the song is about, call her manager), For What It's Worth (about someone who came in her life and saved her), and Ghosts are Gone (when you know it's over, and you're like, 'I'm done with this!').

She sang her well-known songs including Stand Back (she spun around 10 times for those keeping track; and yes, she did her signature kick at the end), Dreams, Gold Dust Woman, Rhiannon, Edge of Seventeen, Sorcerer, and Leather and Lace with her voice coach. The last love song was Love Is.

The entire band was cohesive, and sounded great. The EOS intro with Jimmy and Lenny was one of the best I've heard.

Seemed there was a little more interaction with the audience between songs, which is was great!

If you get the opportunity to go, DO IT. You will be more than happy! Thank you, Stevie!

Roxanna in Centennial, CO.
Stevie was absolutely fabulous. She sounded better than ever and I was so excited to see Lori back in the show. She sang Leather and Lace with her vocal coach which was a real trip down memory lane for me. Crazy winds came up at the end of the show and she rocked those winds with the force of a storm. Hair and dress flowing, she marched right through. Saw her at the MTV recorded concert in the mid 80's and this show was just as good if not better with a magical display of her new CD. She is true to her fans and we are true to her. I am so honored to have been there to see my Gold Dust Woman Rock On!! Once in a million years, a lady like her rises!

Last evening, August 9th, 2011 I attended the Stevie NIcks concert at Red Rocks. AMAZING! I have seen Stevie perform at countless venues and believe me this was the best ever. Stevie looked beautiful as always and the sound was out of this world. I Can't remember a better show from all the many years past. Stevie, Please don't stop your creative and individual style of writing and singing.

I was privileged enough to be at the show last night at Red Rocks just west of Denver, CO and, Stevie did NOT disappoint! Having grown up listening to Fleetwood Mac, then Stevie's solo stuff I surprised a lot of people when I admitted I had never seen Stevie live. I was amazed at the eclectic crowd, and enjoyed watching the teens following their mother's dress codes from when they were that age. Stevie's fifteen song set started strong with Stand Back and the crowd was ready. She magically laced her new songs in with old. Annabel Lee was so beautifully sung live. Dreams had everyone on their feet, and the men behind me singing louder than the women. Sorcerer was a nice surprise and segued perfectly into Moonlight. When Stevie appeared with her gold shawl, the crowd knew Gold Dust Woman was coming and roared wildly. Ghosts are Gone kept us all on our feet and dancing with her. The most haunting song of the night, Soldier's Angel, came next and truly showed off Stevie's incredible voice. I would go again just to hear her sing this song live again.. the studio recording is great, but nothing can beat this one live! She got us all moving again with In Your Dreams and led us right into Rhiannon. All of Red Rocks was singing with her. I can only imagine how this must have sounded from outside the park! She gave us two new ones in a row next, For What It's Worth and Secret Love. She gave us all a chuckle when she admitted Secret Love was written so long ago that even she doesn't remember whom it was about. So it's a secret to her as well. We got a really special treat last night when she sang a song she admits to never singing live, Leather and Lace with her vocal coach who crooned with her beautifully! Then she wowed us, and the now roaring wind with Edge of Seventeen. This woman still rocks a house! She left us with the thought provoking Love Is.

Red Rocks is an amazing venue to see anyone live, being under the stars, the moon, the high clouds, and feeling the wind roar in last night like it did at the end of the night...Stevie Nicks is a legend, a beautiful spirit of a woman with a haunting, soul-full voice. Thank you, Stevie, for the fantastic set! And thank you for the years of music, words, and dance. You are a storyteller, and an amazing one at that. We were all grateful to you last night, for opening your heart and sharing a piece of you.

Blessings to you and your amazing band for a fabulous continuation of the tour!

Anjanette in Colorado
We were at the concert last night in Denver and I just have to say Stevie Nicks is amazing and wonderful. So classy and awesome. Thats was the best concert we have seen EVER!!!! She is truly a good hearted and wonderful person.... Hope she comes back soon!!!

The gypsy's still got it! Stevie come back soon. Best show I've seen in a long time. Catch this tour - SHE IS FAB-a-lous!!

Stevie was phenomenal and the band was exceptional. The show was at Red Rocks and simply can't be beat. With a 3/4 moon on a summer evening, the wind starting to blow, and lightning crackling in the distance it was a perfect backdrop. Peppered into the lineup were the new songs, which were wonderful. The lead act did a great job of warming up the audience, but from the moment Stevie hit the stage, it was obviously not necessary.
Conversational and kind,she swept the room off their feet. It really felt like I was seeing a lovely old friend after a long spell.

Stephanie & Vicki
You are the Queen of Rock, what better place, than Redrocks. Had 4th row tickets in Ft Lauderdale, Fl, paid out the nose for them through, "ticket brokers." Love Rod, but, Stevie it's you, we really ....LOVE.... Show got cancelled. Probably was a blessing. Thank goodness they make scalpers more accountable. Got my money back, & Hallejuah, Stevie was opening in Redrocks. Thank you for, the opportunity to allow, your true fans, the chance at snagging close seats. Will Call at Redrocks allowed that, 4th row to the left. Was a little scared to do it, but, what the heck it's "Stevie Nicks". Best decision I ever made. Thank you ever such much. Not only was the show... THE ABSOLUTE BEST...I've seen in 10 yrs. The hand shake, squeeze, & smile from Stevie, completed it all. Stevie, never stop being you. You are one classy lady that will always be remembered & will be "The True Goddess of Rock & Roll" Love ya.

Hey, who's the hot slim foxy blond chick? It's that scintillating Stevie Nicks. What a great summer night under a moon lighted rocky mountain sky. The wonderful garden of God "Red Rocks" sent a mysterious gold dust messenger to sing of life and love. Stevie Nicks best concert yet! Thank you.

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