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08/30/2011 Saratoga Performing Arts Center Saratoga Springs, NY

Stevie graced the Saratoga Performing Arts Center with her presence yet again on August 30th. This was my 27th Stevie Nicks show (including 9 Fleetwood Mac shows), and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was one of her best. Stevie was very engaged and animated with the audience, sharing funny stories and testing out several cuts on In Your Dreams. One would think after singing songs hundreds of times that the artist would become lazy or bored with them....not Stevie. Landslide is pure every time. The piano intro on Rhiannon is magic every time. Her new songs (Secret Love, For What It's Worth, Annabelle Lee, a rocking performance of Ghosts Are Gone, and Moonlight) all went over well with the audience. Stevie will perform and tour until she is unable to anymore.....and I will go see her wherever and whenever I can.

Lisa C.
What a gorgeous night in Saratoga Springs, New York…very magical indeed! Despite the fact that a three hour drive took us five hours due to Interstate 90 being closed from Hurricane Irene, I would not have traded it for the world. What a great show. Stevie was in top form and really seemed to be enjoying herself. It is great to hear her talk so candidly with her fans and to do it more relaxed than she ever has. I was a little worried that the show may be cancelled so when I found out that it wasn’t, I was absolutely thrilled. I have seen Stevie so many times but every time it feels like the first to me! It was such a treat to hear Stevie perform her new music live and I am so thankful that she is comfortable with sharing so much of it on this tour! I give her credit for not giving in to the pressures of having to make this a “greatest hits” tour. Her new music is no less than brilliant and should be shared on this tour! Of course, Stevie gracefully delivered some good ‘ole classics as well and for that we are appreciative…but kudos to her for going out there and playing her new material with such conviction and confidence. Loved every minute of it. Not sure if anyone else was impressed by her vocal coach’s voice but holy cow, that man can sing!! Their rendition of “Leather and Lace” was a great addition to the show. The “Ghosts Are Gone” rocked!!! Loved hearing that live. It was a breath of fresh air to have Stevie end the show with “Love Is”. Beautiful. From beginning to end, Stevie wove her magic and cast her spell on us once again…age has nothing on this Rock Goddess! Loved it. Love her. Always have, always will. Stevie is a legend and is my biggest music hero of all time. Do yourself a favor…do NOT miss this tour.

I'll have to be honest. After getting Stevie's new album and watching all her promo appearances on television I was a little scared that her new tour would not be a real rock and roll show. OMG, how wrong could I have been?! This show blew the roof off the place. Everything was even more than I could have wanted or expected. And Stevie, looking so beautiful and sounding great. What a great place to see a great show! I'll remember it always as one of the best times I've ever had. I can't believe all they wanted was money to get in. Thank you Stevie, you ROCK!!

I LOVE You Stevie ! i have seen your show 3 times this year alone. Im from montreal , Canada (you came here with Rod stewart , great show , but i came to see YOU. I flew to vegas in may for the weekend just to see your show. I always do my best to grab a hold of tickets in the first few rows. On august 30, i drove to Saratoga Springs and made it a ‘mission’...after 30 years of waiting i was determined to sit in the front row at whatever the cost ! i did it. When she played ‘edge of seventeen’ my heart was racing as i KNEW this would be the moment i have been waiting for... the Godess of Rock, the living legend, the beautiful Stevie Nicks was going to greet her fans in the front row and this was it !!! as i saw her come toward me, my heart literally pounded... i never been so excited to meet someone in my entire life. A build up of something i never thought would be so difficult to do. As she approached me , we locked eyes and she held out her hands, i had the privilege of holding them and kissing them, it was the most incredible moment ever. I was nervous for at least an hour afterward. Its hard to explain, Stevie nicks has for the longest time had an effect on me i can not understand. It is what it is. There isn’t a day that goes by that i don’t think of or play her songs in my car. Saratoga Springs i will never forget that night. It was perfect. Her best show to date. Go see her! Forget everything for a few hours and just listen to this woman, let her take over your soul for a few hours. The few seconds i eye contact and Stevie’s hands locked in mine will be a moment i will never EVER forget.

Kyle K.
I attended the show in Saratoga at SPAC which was the most beautiful venue I have ever been to !! Stevie was amazing from start to finish, she kind of snuck of stage and started with a bang with Stand Back which got every one ready for the show ! Stevie's vocals were on point all night, so strong and soulful. My favorite performance was "Goldust Woman". It was so haunting and reminiscent of her early days with Fleetwood Mac. Overall it was amazing show ! I loved the mix of old and new songs. However, my only issue was that people were yelling at me to sit down for the entire concert when everyone else in front of me was standing and if I had sat down I wouldn't have been able to see. It is kind of hard to sit during a Stevie show !!

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