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08/29/2011 Bank of America Pavilion Boston, MA

Stevie Nicks was amazing as always. I love her style and personality. She is not only a great singer and songwriter (who still sounds so amazingly beautiful live in person) but she’s also got a great sense of humor and a huge heart.

What a great performance !! Stevie had alot of energy in Boston on Monday night. She was amazing!! love you babe!

Stevie was AWESOME Monday night at the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston – an outdoor venue on the Boston waterfront. She was very talkative and gave dialogue for each song & you could tell she was having a pretty good time up there on that small stage. All her new stuff was fabulous!! Annabelle Lee sounds better in concert (if that’s possible). Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream) was just great. Soldier’s Angel – which I didn’t really care for on the album – it’s totally amazing at a live show!! I love how she spoke of her time spent at Walter Reed and gave out the website to make donations. She had Michael Grimm come out and play guitar on For What It’s Worth. I love that she is giving him his shot at fame and fortune – he’s on his way!!! She is – simply amazing!! Even though I had to go by myself due to a friend cancelling at the last minute (ugh), it was a wonderful, wonderful show.

I was lucky enough to attend last nights show in Boston, to hear the new songs from in your dreams was way beyond my wildest expectations. and to be in the front row was magic.

My whole evening was magical and mystical and almost like the stars and the moon lined up astrologically to deliver all my inner Stevie needs!!

Working right next to venue allowed me the knowledge of where a good vantage point near side of stage would be, I was able to hear and see entire sound check.

It was beyond interesting to hear Stevie talk and go over what songs were planned for the night.

Musically she knows what she wants and how to get her entire band there.

She took the stage strong and remained in full control the whole show was amazing, magical, the new songs fit Stevie just like her new metal laced gloves perfectly.

I have been fortunate enough to always manage getting Carlos Rios guitar pick, waddy w, guitar pick and last night not only did I get both of their guitar picks, I also managed to get jimmy paxsons drum stick

I would like to thank each of them and of coarse to Stevie, for your music brings me to a place of pure bliss and beauty.

The sky was moonless – That always allows stars like the “Stevie Nicks Band” to shine brighter…

The show opened up with a Southern Rock band whose name is that of its ‘Frontman’, Michael Grimm, playing several covers in a freestyle format, while carrying that seemingly inescapable ‘Southern Hospitality’ atmosphere, closing with a heartfelt original about the breakup of a relationship. Nothing grim about his music or himself – Very friendly and talented - He plays the band’s complete guitar work while singing - And he’s got a ‘baby face’…

We live within ambient sound and light – Stevie Nicks works in those, which are amplified, and she must – To be heard and seen by so many at once. Amplified sounds and light combine best when stars like Stevie Nicks are working under them. Some stars work harder than others to shine their light upon us all – Nicks and her band work overtime, even if the ‘Showtime’ is short - She still wears that signature 1970s clothing she created herself that, much like her music, greatly multiplied over time and never went out of style… She also looks and vocally sounds the same as she did on her first Fleetwood Mac tour; never losing that spirited energy - Seeing her with or without “The Mac” is always a pleasurable throwback to the 1970s…

Nicks opened with “Stand Back”, followed by a mix of several new and older tunes from the days of “Fleetwood Mac”… Michael Grimm came out with an acoustic guitar, and joined in for Nicks’ “Annabelle Lee”. Later on, to the surprise of many, she brought out her longtime vocal coach Steve Real, who shared the stage and audio output with her for “Leather and Lace” – In my opinion, he sang the song better than Mr. Don Henley himself - (No offense, but Real’s vocal combination with Nicks put Henley to the mat)… And he certainly got a deserved applause for his efforts both on and offstage. Stevie complimented her audience for its’ quiet when she needed it – And New Englanders are well known to sing the songs so well in unison they can sometimes be heard throughout the city. She closed with “Love Is” from her “Trouble in Shangri-La” album, and throughout her time onstage, shared some very personal images and videos of her life, family, and friends via a larger-than-life projection on a backdrop behind the band. That was a story and show in itself.

Looking back on the event - Fans surrounded me – None of us ever sat down in our seats from Nicks’ first song to her last – That’s how much energy continues to emanate from Nicks & Co.

… If you’ve missed this twilight event, with modern transportation & technology, you can still catch up – See her website, Nicksfix.com for details, and - Thank you all..

Dustin H.
I went to see Stevie Nicks at the Bank of America Pavilion on Monday night (8/29/11). I got to the venue quite early, early enough in fact, to hear Stevie’s soundcheck. She sang the first verse for “Stand Back” about 3x and also did a small soundcheck for “Moonlight.”

There were the same pins, buttons, and tshirts available, but there was one NEW ONE!! It’s a black/white baseball style shirt with ¾ sleeves. The sleeves are black and the front/back of the shirt is white. The picture on the front is in black/white and is the same picture that is on the “In Your Dreams” cd of Stevie holding the owl. The back of the shirt is plain. It’s GORGEOUS! Be sure to get one!!!

As you are all aware of the set list, I don’t need to go into specific details about that. I was sooo excited to see Stevie bring back her red/gold shawl that she wore when doing “Stand Back” on the tv show “Solid Gold” back in the 80’s!!!! Stay tuned for us sewers to be creating a replica of this one!!

Stevie was very funny at this concert speaking about how she doesn’t have a computer and doesn’t really know what “dot org” means, etc. She spoke of her time in Walter Reed and I agree with someone else’s comment about how they never really cared for this song much on the cd but hearing in person is so much more meaningful and worth it.

After Stevie sang “Ghosts are Gone,” the crowd started pounding their chairs and Stevie turned to Waddy and said “What was that? Did you hear that? I guess the ghost are NOT gone!” LOL!!!

I was lucky enough to be able to have a 3rd row center seat, 2nd seat in from the aisle. I knew that once “Leather and Lace” ended, I needed to make my way to the stage for the famous “edge walk” and so I did. I got right up to the stage and was leaning on it…. I was able, for the 3rd time, to be lucky enough to shake Stevie’s hand. I looked into her eyes and said “Thank you, I love you.” It was truly memorable!!

This concert is a MUST SEE, even for you fans who aren’t as devoted as some of us. You’ll have a great time.

As always, THANK YOU, STEVIE, for your music, your love and your devotion to your fans. We love you so very much!!!

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