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08/23/2011 Rosemont Theatre Chicago, IL

Stevie put on a great show in Chicago last night. She sounded wonderful and looked very happy. I'm glad she did her new songs and hope she will work in more of the songs.

I was very happy to have the opportunity to see Stevie Nicks again at the Rosemont Theater outside of Chicago on Tuesday night. Opening act, Michael Grimm did an excellent job. Stevie performed several songs off of her new album "In Your Dreams" especially favorite to me were Annabel Lee and Soldier's Angel. Stevie looked great and her voice was, as usual, superb. I cannot say enough good things about the classic and new blend of songs performed at the concert, the comments from Stevie and the wonderful job by the backup singers and the band. All of the seats were full and most of the night, everybody was on their feet singing and rocking. Stevie said she would tour again and I look forward to attending another concert whether it be with Fleetwood Mac or another solo concert. It was a great show.

Tuesdays show in Chicago was Epic.Stevie was amazing as always.If you haven't gotten her new cd.Honey what are YOU waiting for.Its one of her finest masterpieces with the exception of Bella Donna which we Stevie fans hold dear to our hearts.If you haven't ever seen Stevie live you are in for a real treat.She pours her heart and soul into her performance.Stevie played for about two hours....Which just flew by.You never want it to end.Stevie performed alot of new favorites.off her new CD.I loved Annabelle Lee.I also love the song Ghosts are gone This song has a amazing beat.She of course sang For whats its worth and one of my favorites Secret Love.and my all time favorite off her new album has to be a Solider Angel.Having a family member that served over seas that song really touched my heart. Stevie also performed Tuesday night with alot of old classic's such as Landslide Gold Dust Women,Edge of Seventeen and of course Dreams.A special treat for the tour was a special performance of Leather and Lace.She ended her performance with a special ballad of Love Is.The night was amazing but of course all things have to come to a end.I cried as did many during the concert...but I cried at the end.Having Kidney Disease.I'm never sure if I'll see her again.Or if I'll ever get my dream of finally meeting this amazing women....Love Always.

Charley K.

I recently saw Stevie on the 23 rd of this month at the Rosemont in Chicago IL, and I have to say how disappointed we turned out to be, not because of Stevie, but because of the ambience. I spent 388$ for 2 tickets in the balcony, 2nd row. When Stevie cam on stage my friend and I were the only ones who stood up to dance briefly, until the couple behind us asked us to sit. So we went to the box office and were given terrible seats in the back on the floor. We tried to go to the stage where everyone was dancing and having a blast but we weren't able to pass security, not even to dance in the aisle with everyone dancing. All in all it really sucked and we wish we could have stayed longer than the 3/4 songs we stayed for. It just sucked because I spent a good penny 2 days before and we couldn't even dance.

Anyways, maybe she remembers us, the 2 people scrambling aound and the only 2 dancing on the balcony and on the floor besides the people in the first few rows by stage. I just thought if she ever came to chicago or anywhere it would be great to see her again and have first row tickets. We love her!!!!

Thanks for your time reading this.

Jeff W.
OMG! What an amazing show. My partner and I attended the August 23, 2011 Stevie Nicks concert at the Rosemont Theater in Rosemont, Illinois. It was one hell of a show. We had never been to the Rosemont Theater before, so that too was an added treat. We found the venue to be perfect for a Stevie Nicks concert. She was able to headline the show and not worry about seats going unsold. It was an appropriate-sized venue with reasonable drink prices, luxurious seats and great sight lines. Most important of all, the acoustics were amazing. As the show played on, I would realize just how important that aspect would become. Stevie was in rare form. She talked to us, her fans, more than she has in the past. She told stories about the songs, she made several heartfelt dedications. She drew us into the experience with her warmth and connectedness to the crowd. She played the usual crowd favorites, such as Dreams, Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, Stand Back and Edge of Seventeen. However, just as if she had read my review of the recent Rod Stewart/Stevie Nicks Chicago show, when I wrote about her set predictability, she told the crowd that tonight she didnít want to play another Greatest Hits show. Wow Stevie, if you need my encouragement, please feel free to make every show unique. I have seen every Stevie Nicks concert, whether with Fleetwood Mac or solo, since the Rumours Tour in 1977. Since that time, she has released so much phenomenal music that she need not play the ĎHitsí every show. As a matter of fact, the fans that follow her these days most likely would rather hear the other songs. This particular show was made unique by the fact that Stevie played more new music than she normally would, even following the release of new material. It was great! I absolutely loved hearing Annabel Lee, For What Itís Worth and Secret Love live. Two major surprises punctuated the night. Stevie performed Landslide which I didnít think I would hear since I didnít recall it being included in play lists of earlier shows for this tour on the Stevie Nicks website. Definitely one classic that I can hear over and over again. It was sweet. The entire crowd sang along as if we were one massive choir. The other treat was finally hearing Love Is. She did play Love Is at the Rod Stewart/Stevie Nicks show a few months ago, but I was unable to enjoy the song due to the incessant talking of so many drunken Rod fans. This version is special. What a treat. As I shared before, I hope this version is recorded soon for all of us to play as we please. The oddest thing about the night was not recognizing any other fans. I say that in jest because I really didnít plan on it; however, everyone there seemed so much older than I remember. Then it hit me, so am I. Stevie, the fans that are at each show these days are most likely fans, like me, that have followed you for decades. Please continue with your new attitude of not playing Greatest Hits show after Greatest Hits show. We donít want that any more than you care to perform so few songs over and over. (Donít get me wrong, if that is all you offer, Iíll be there.) So, if you really are taking your life-long fans suggestions to heart, allow me to indulge. There are certain classics that should always be included, such as Dreams, Rhiannon and Landslide. A couple songs that I suggest you cut for the next few tours to make room for some rarities are Stand back and Edge of Seventeen. Work some of these songs into the set for a special treat for your fans; Kind of Woman, The Wild Heart, Sable on Blond, Gate and Garden, Greta, Planets of the Universe, Angel, Battle of the Dragon, Thousand Days, Thrown Down, Silver Girl, Sleeping Angel, Desert Angel and Italian Summer, just to name a few. Stevie, this last show has set me over the edge. I was so impressed by you and the entire experience. You look great these days and your relaxed, animated and rejuvenated self is quite inspiring! I must share that at times, watching you across the entire distance of the first floor (I can never seem to get good seats to any of your shows, after all these years), I listened to Dreams and saw your angelic face, shrouded by your 70ís shag hair and I was transported to my youth. I am not kidding, I saw you on stage just as I recall from that Rumours tour so many years ago. It was just that good! Transformational, Iíd say. Keep rockiní and God bless you.

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