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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

08/20/2011 PNC Pavilion Cincinnati, OH

Stevie was in top performance tonight at PNC Pavilion in Cincinnati! She rocked the house, a blend of old/new material what a treat. She did several spins during the two hour show, and was wearing her black velvet platform boots; she looked and sounded better than ever. If you get a chance to come out and see her it is totally worth it. She closed with "Love Is" it was beautiful and moving a great ending to a great show.

Krys P.
Stevie Nicks-Still the Queen of Rock!

Saturday's show was flat out amazing! Stevie was absolutely captivating. She sang every song to perfection and her voice sounds better and stronger than ever. She did a lot of the oldies like Stand Back, Rhiannon, and Landslide, but she did several numbers from the New CD In Your Dreams. My favorite was Annabelle Lee. The lyrics are verbatim from the poem by Edgar Allan Poe, and the song was flawless. After the song was over Stevie breathed a sigh of relief because according to her it's one of the most complex songs to do live. It was amazing! Another surprise was that Stevie sang Leather and Lace with her voice coach. I've seen Stevie in concert numerous times over the years and this is the first time I got to hear Leather and Lace live. Like all her other songs, it was perfect! If you haven't experienced the absolute magic of a Stevie concert, I suggest you go. She gives it her all, and you can tell how much she loves what she does, and how much she loves her audience.

The entire concert was pure magic...but my favorite moment was during Landslide and the woman in front of me cried. Stevie's music is magic because she gives us the music from her heart.

Jessica I.
Saturday night in Cincinnati was the highlight of my life! Not only did I get to spend time with other Stevie fan friends but we got to meet Jimmy Paxon and Al Ortiz! They are very nice people and very talented musicians. I was glad to have met them. I had fourth row seats in the pit section which was awesome to be so close! Stevie is amazing and always puts on one heck of a concert! I have seen her several times in concert and she always does her best no matter what! I also love how she is with her fans. She takes the times to talk to us, tell us about her music, and how much she loves what she does. During Stevie's "Edge Walk", I got to shake her hand!!! I never in a million years dreamed that, that would happen! I was and still am so excited about it! I will never forget that moment as long as I live. I have been a fan almost my entire life. Stevie you are the best! And to make my weekend even better, I had a dog show the next day in Indiana and my dog won! It was Stevie's touch of good luck!

Steve F.
Stevie was at her best in Cincinnati on Saturday night. The set list was a perfect mix of the best of the old and the best of the new.

Her voice was top notch and she rocked the place with her twirls and kicks. She chatted frequently with the audience.

The only hitch was the strict time curfew for outdoor venues in Cincinnati. This eliminated any band intros or possible additional encores.

Other than that the night was great!

The Cincinnati concert was probably my favorite ever because I had the best seat I've ever had. Stevie was very talkative & friendly, & a real hoot! Absolutely loved the new songs & what a treat to hear Leather & Lace. Best of all, I finally got up front for Edge of 17, & got to touch her hand! Now I can die happy I guess. Thank you for coming to Ohio!

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