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08/19/2011 Huntington Center Toledo, OH

A couple of times a year my family has a "Family Day" comprising of 2 musts. 1. Go on a road trip and 2. Do something Cool. This summer's "Family Day" was a road trip from our homes in Canada to Toledo, Ohio to see Stevie Nicks. She did 7 cuts from her new album and they absolutely "SMOKED". The new album is Great from tip to tip, with no fillers or B-siders. Having been raised to play hockey from age 3 and having had multiple teeth knocked out and stitches via sticks, pucks and knuckles, I don't consider myself to be wimpy or sappy in any way. Having said that, I found my eyes welling up during 2 of her songs and was not only shocked but embarrassed. The songs were 1. Soldier's Angel and 2. Love Is. My point is that her songs evoke emotion. Her lyrics are from her Heart and Soul and couldn't be more genuine. She's simply the best song writer alive (IMHO). Her voice is VERY strong and at times haunting. There were many times, during the show, where I was consumed with goosebumps because of her voice. Her band and backing vocals are OUTSTANDING. The sound was clean and very tight. Really enjoyed the percussion duet which seamlessly blended into Waddy's heavy "Edge of 17" riffs (more goosebumps).

Thank you Stevie, for making our Family Day a "GREAT" Family Day.

Amy M.
I went to the Toledo show last night and had a blast – it was my birthday, too, so that was a bonus. Stevie looked and sounded amazing, and I liked her stories between songs. I’m not sure if Huntington Center is really the right size of venue for her, but the crowd obviously adored her. I was in the second row on the outside aisle, the closest I have ever been for a Stevie show. I thought the crowd was great – everybody stood for the whole show, at least in the front where we were, and it was nice to see people enjoying the new songs along with the classics – Stevie rocked on everything, and I love the new album. I also liked the way security handled things – chasing people back to their seats during the show, but letting the Edge walk happen naturally. At least from where I was, it seemed like everyone was polite and well-behaved during Edge - cramming as many people in front of the stage as possible of course, but no pushing or shoving or rudeness. It was my first Edge walk, and Stevie held my hand for a second – great birthday present! I love that she still does the Edge walk, because it’s a really cool experience to connect with her for a second, and also to be immersed in the happy, excited crowd in front of the stage. Thanks for a great show - Lots of love to Stevie and the whole band!

Raquel A.
My 2nd BEST friend Tina Smith Egbert (basically the second sister I never had) and I were wanting to go to your concert at the Toledo Zoo in Toledo, OH about 3 years ago but it was scheduled on the same weekend as her wedding/honeymoon in Myrtle Beach...June 22! I looked & looked to find a way to get a message to you that it would be a dream come true for her to hear your voice but couldn't find a way to reach you because that would have been the best and everlasting gift I could have given her as her friend. Three years later, we were able to make it to a concert of yours at the Hungtington Center in Toledo, OH and she was so amazed by your concert, she was near tears throughout your entire concert and is still thanking me for taking her to the best concert EVER! Thank you for coming back and I am glad I we could share it with my friends Jennifer A. Cataline & her man Jim "Silver Fox" Kelsey, Karen Lee, Jennifer Klingler Beckett & her husband Dan, Joel Leveton, the my best friend Tina (sorry i referred to her as 2nd best...she ranks right up there in 1st place as well but I met her later in life)! She had a GREAT time and thanked us so much for bringing her to her greatest singer....FINALLY. The best part is that I was offered a single ticket to join the group for the concert but could NOT go without my friend and your biggest fan so I originally turned it down until 1 spot opened up for the both of us to go together. THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE MY FRIEND...COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT HER being there! Great concert and glad we were finally able to make it to one together!

What an amazing-(I can’t quite come up with an adequate adjective)-concert! The best birthday present ever from my sweet husband! Stevie, you are so beautiful and so talented…your kindness and loving spirit shine out in every song. Thank you for sharing yourself with us for the evening. God bless you.

Since Stevie was not able to schedule a Metro Detroit date, Toledo was my only option to see this run of shows. It's a short ride from the Detroit area, so not a big effort needed to see the most amazing live performer ever. I was fortunate to see Stevie in Toledo back in 2008 at the Toledo Zoo outdoor theater. The show was delayed a couple of hours due to torrential downpours. However, almost everyone stayed until the rain passed. I will never forget seeing Stevie sing Outside the Rain and Dreams covered by an over sized umbrella as the rain continues to come down when the show started.

I have to say I was a little surprised to hear that Stevie was going to play so many new songs this time around. Therefore, I performed my due diligence and started playing the new CD often to become familiar with her new music. Even though I yearn to again hear live performance of such songs such as Enchanted, Outside the Rain and If Anyone Falls, Stevie's new music is so strong live, it was refreshing to hear something different. After all, it has been 10 years and someone like Stevie is too talented to make us wait so long for new music. In Your Dreams sounded great as well as For What It's Worth. The 2 new songs that I thought sounded the best were Annabel Lee and the Ghost Are Gone (great rocker live, fun to hear and to see Stevie enjoy dancing to).

Coming into the show, I could not wait to hear Soldier's Angel. The lyrics and Stevie's passion are so powerful regarding our brave solders today. I thought for sure it would have been a home run. Stevie sang it great but the guitars overpowered her voice, causing it lose much of its' magic. To hear an acoustic version of the song with minimal guitar work would have been amazing.

Stevie looked and sounded amazing throughout the concert. She was chatty, energetic and providing insight on stories behind the songs. Her old standards, Stand Back, Gold Dust Woman and Rhiannon were perfection, as usual and always seem fresh and magical listening to live. I'm amazed Stevie still does the "The Edge of 17 Walk", what a special way to end a concert for her fans lucky enough to have front row seats. Love Is sounded fantastic live and made me remember why I enjoyed it so much on TISL.

I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing Ms. Nicks perform. She is so generous, talented and giving to her fans. My only critiques of the concert were that the music set could have been longer and Solder's Angel shines better with a softly strung acoustic guitar. Let Stevie's amazing voice and lyrics tell the powerful story without interference. Okay, I have to end on a high note, Landslide was total perfection. It now has an especially strong person meaning since my father passed away a year ago and Stevie still honors her father with this song by the slide-show of her life and special times with her father.. Landslide is bitter sweat and so special to me.

Thank you Stevie, you're the best.

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