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08/17/2011 Chastain Park Amphitheatre Atlanta, GA

Wayne H.
I was disappointed when Stevie had to postpone her Aug 15th concert in Atlanta ,I was able to attend the concert that was rescheduled for the 17th. I am a huge fan of Stevie Nicks and I felt so bad to find out she had been sick 3 days voice rest. When she spoke you could tell she had been sick however when she sang she gave us 150% she was flawless right on with every song. I am still speechless ,she did Old and New numbers and her new CD is Great if you haven’t bought. Stevie sang every song with feeling and emotion and gave her fans a perfect night under the stars at Chastain. I have to say Stevie Nicks make you forget about all your troubles and problems in the world when she performs. Love Is,The perfect number to close a show and when she finished I felt as if it was a gift from Stevie. I truly cant wait for my next Stevie concert I am proud to say she is my favorite artist and I hope she keeps performing for years to come and share he passion of music with us. Kuddos Bravo and God speed to Stevie Nicks

Colleen & Gregg
We just got home from the postponed Concert here in Atlanta (was to have been on 8/15/2011, postponed to 8/17/2011), I just wanted to say Stevie Nicks BLEW THE ROOF OFF THE HOUSE HERE IN ATLANTA, she sang beautifully tonight, putting all her heart and soul into it!!! Stevie is a phenomenal performer, I can not think of one female performer today who is her equivalent, her shows are just magical...you just get taken for a ride to a place where every one relaxes and enjoys the show. Stevie was sick here on the 15th, but she more then made up for it tonight...she had all of us on our feet from beginning to end, all of us singing each of her songs with her..or at least trying to. I cannot get over how Strong and Wonderfully rich her voice sounded, even as she told us the Doctor had told her to rest her voice, she was still up there performing, sounding great on all of her songs...and by the way, Stevies band is AWESOME, just perfection to listen and dance to...WADDY is great on that guitar, and Sharon and Lori are like two singing Angels, the entire Band is WONDERFUL, you can see the love they have for Stevie, and she for them..BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, MAGICAL, her opening act was Michael Grimm, and he was OUTSTANDING..a great set of songs, especially GEORGIA, he was a perfect choice for opening for Stevie. Stevie came out and sang strong and soulfully, LANDSLIDE, RHIANNON , GOLD DUST WOMAN, LOVE IS, she also did a duet with her singing coach, the beautiful LEATHER AND LACE, the show was just AWESOME, and over way to soon.I met a young girl, here again, the audience being made up of young and old (I have been a FM fan since 1970, Buckingham Nicks also). This young Lady was thoroughly enjoying the Concert, and when it came time to come up for The Edge of Seventeen walk (as we all know to do at the Concerts), and EXTREMELY RUDE LIVE NATIONS WORKER (Phil?, he would not give us his name or badge number) told all of us to get back to our seats, or we would be thrown out, which is what he told this young girl, who looked very sad....that is not how you treat Fans , Chastain, please school your employees on the fact that at Stevie’s Concerts, she usually lets the first 5 rows approach the stage to shake hands, give flowers...etc, anyway, this young girl did make it up to the stage, as another Live Nation Employee was letting the other side of the Concert Arena people come up...so this young person was able to get up and shake Stevie’s hand, she was soooooooooo HAPPY, as was I, I took was able to thank Stevie for all the years of music that has helped me be able to cope with our crazy and tension filled lives....that to me is a big point of a Stevie Nicks Concert, to relax, enjoy, and have an overall feeling of PEACE AND LOVE, while listening to BEAUTIFUL MUSIC FROM A BEAUTIFUL LADY, so hopefully at the next Concert Stevie has at Chastain, all of their employees will be on the same page as to what a Stevie Nicks Concert really means, an escape, for a little while from all the meanness and bad behavior in todays society, please learn to LET THE FANS ENJOY STEVIE’S SHOW, we came to listen to and see her, not put up with bad manners and bad behavior on LIVE NATIONS EMPLOYEES PART, or at least, one of them...and with that being said, STEVIE, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LOVE AND THE MUSIC THAT HAS HELPED AND SUSTAINED US ALL IN THESE INCREDIBLY ROUGH TIMES..


Michael C.
Sitting while the rain fell, and the crew transformed the stage I waited for the fabulous Stevie Nicks yet again. I could not have asked for a better night of music. The lighting bugs, and the stars made it all that much better!! Stevie was as magical as ever! Soldier’s Angel really touched my heart as she sang it live. Moonlight was my favorite song of the night, along with my all time favorite Landslide. Stevie you look amazing as you always do, I hope your voice continues to get better :) Much Love-

Great show! Stevie looked amazing and sounded even better. You couldn’t tell she had been on vocal rest for two days as she sounded incredible! The girl can rock ‘n’ roll! Absolutely worth the wait and can’t wait to see her again! She’s so personable and we loved the little stories she shared with the audience about the songs...like she was in a room full of friends. My husband hadn’t been too familiar with her until he began “prepping” for the show and was listening to all my cd’s. He now has so much more appreciation for her and Fleetwood Mac (we are watching The Dance DVD as I type this at his request!). Chastain Park is such a great, classic venue and there’s not a better way I could think of to spend a summer evening than there with Stevie Nicks. So glad the little threat of rain had moved out by the time the performances started. Anxious for the next tour. Wouldn’t it be great for her and Sheryl Crow to do a tour together???

Landon, Melanie and Johnnie B.
On Monday, August 15th when Stevie's show was postponed, we were saddened by the thought of her being sick and unable to perform. After a few hours, all of us had re-arranged our work/travel arrangements to see Stevie on the 17th. She was MORE THAN WORTH THE WAIT!!! It was like being in a timeless dream, as I sat there with the rain falling on my face and butterflies in my stomach. Stevie sang beautifully despite having been on voice rest. From the moment she stepped on stage singing "Stand Back" till she left after "Love Is," she made us feel like we were on stage with her. "Rhiannon" and "Soldier's Angel" brought tears to my eyes. "Gold Dust Woman" was fantastic. The entire band was phenomenal and the drum/guitar solos were off the charts!! Thanks Stevie for full-filling one of my dreams...."to spend an evening with you-surrounded by so much love." Your music and visions still leave us enchanted...a night we will never forget!!!

Derek C.
Okay, I am a Stevie Nicks lover, simce 1983, when I first saw her perform on THE WILD HEART TOUR w/Joe Walsh. That is one night I have never forgotten and will never forget. Stevie Nicks beautiful and passionate and glowing with an energy and stage presence unmatched in my life. Well 28 years later, and 60 plus concerts attended, I saw her play in Chastain Park, Atlanta, GA, Wednesday August 17, 2011. I really think I had the best seats in the ampitheaer, although most every seat at Chastain Park is good. We were on the right side of the stage, eye level with her, and had the best view. She opened w/Stand Back, and I wouldn't even mention that, except in the middle of the song during the guitar solo she danced over to Carlos Rios, as usual, then proceeded to do the expected spins. Thet were grceful and beautiful, and her outfit was stunning. She ended up right in front of her microphone, threw her cape over her shoulder, and without missing a beat, went back into the song. Her voice was great, although this show had been postponed for 2 days, due to medical reasons. Stevie said she had strained her voice doing all the press and interviews, not singing. The show was amazing. Even more than I expected, and I expect a lot from the high priestess. I was thrilled to hear ANNABELL LEE & FOR WHAT ITS WORTH sang back to back, because they are my two favorites off the new CD. I thought MOONLIGHT, A Vampire's Dream ROCKED. Everything rocked. THE edge of seventeen, Never beteer. She did the walk and came back on strong "Somewhere deep in the middle of the night, Baby, I think about you...EXCELLENT. She ended with LOVE IS. I have been to so many shows and seen people crying. I never thought that would be. Me, but by the middle of LOVE IS, I had tears streaming down both sides of my face, uncontrollable. I left the venue still drying my eyes. It was a perfect show. Thank you, Stevie, as always for sending LOVE to everyone in that audience. I have no doubt, she changed someone's life at that show. She changed mine long ago.

Cooper Friend
I am moved enough to say a BIG thank you to you, Stevie, for an UNBELIEVABLE show at Chastain. I made an effort to come out, and I am so thrilled I did. You sound on top of your game, and we could tell that you really prepared well for your tour; your loyal fans appreciate it. Our group went NUTS listening to every word and dancing to every song. Loved seeing/hearing your voice coach do 'Leather & Lace' with you. What a touching tribute to him, your friends/back-up singers and most of all, your dear father. I had tears in my eyes. I recorded a clip of 'Landside' on my iPhone and sent it all over the country to family and friends. Wish everyone who loved you in Fleetwood Mac could see your show now. Nice set list and a GREAT mix of old and new work. I LOVE the new stuff and immediately went out and bought the CD...could not get the tunes out of my head and have been playing the CD ever since [sentiments right from the heart & soul]. We loved your story and work behind 'Soldier's Angel'. Hope you are getting some good response from your plea to participate. In addition, hope you are getting good play on local radio stations across the nation & other loyal countries, so people can hear/enjoy your music. We are so blessed to have you in this world!

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