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08/13/2011 Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Houston, TX

Went to Stevie @ The Woodlands! My birthday present from my husband! Awesome present! Getting to see my most favorite singer in the world! Stevie music is like a best friend to me. Gets me through the rough times, very dark times & during the greatest times in my life! Even though it was hot as hell out I know Stevie & the crew was a lot hotter then the audience was because of the lights & etc.! I will always buy any music Stevie will put out! Stevie is a VERY caring person. Made the audience feel like we all were her best friend! Seeing Michael Grimm was an added bonus! He was awesome too! Coming up to the gate they said no cameras,video or audio devices are allowed! I left my camera & cell phone in our vehicle! Out of respect for Stevie! There were so many in the audience that was doing videos & taking pictures. And was really shocked that the staff was TOO lacked on it! Concert was still VERY AWESOME!

I drove 6 hours from Laredo, Tx just to go see THE QUEEN OF ROCK AND ROLL....All I can say is wow...she sang and looked amazingly well...she was able to resist the heat we have been experiencing in sth tx.....all her songs made the crowd wild..i danced and sang all of them...this was my therapy for life...to continue with all these challenges life throws right at us.....this is how she impacts her fans....by lending us listen to her voice and songs....and making us forget about our problems.....thank you stevie.....I am glad you accepted the outdoor concert place in spite of performing under 107 degrees.....after the show, I went back to the hotel, wearing her t-shirt and got a lot of compliments....then at the bar, it was stevie nicks/fleetwood mac night...they played all night their music....and i met some nice ladies that were sitting outside the bar....we danced to the music of stevie nicks and had a great time,,,i have been a true fan of stevie since i was 13 now 46....and seen her many times live...and plan to continue to do so...thank you ms stevie

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful show last night in Houston, Tx. Like Stevie said..”It was a night I will never forget!” Starting the evening with Michael Grimm was a great way to warm up. I agree with the statement that he is the next Stevie Ray Vaughn. His voice is so soulful and touched the heart. He was very humble, but I felt his music said it all. He is very talented and my friend and I enjoyed everyone of his songs.

Stevie, you are such a warm and gracious person. Your moments sharing about the soldiers at Walter Reed brought tears to my eyes. I am a wife of an retired serviceman of 23 years Naval service. I appreciate you sharing your experience and the beautiful song , Soldier’s Angel. Your slide show during Landslide made me cry a second time as you shared with us your beautiful parents and reminded us not to take our own parents for granted. After Rhiannon, you were so sweet as to remember Amy Winehouse in a very thoughtful way.

The night was magical. I thank you and the band for a night that will always bring a smile to my heart and face. Have a great rest of the tour. Love your new album. My favorite is For What It’s Worth. Tell Mike I said so!

Daniel B.
Just had to say how AMAZING Stevie was at Saturday’s show in the Woodlands – Better than ever! I have been going to Stevie Nicks shows since the early 80’s and truly never has she sounded better. She covered a lot of the new album which was welcomed as I love the new material. I can see why she is wanting to promote this album, its miles beyond anything else out there currently and its sad that she doesn’t get the radio airplay she deserves. The new songs stand up well against the time tested classics, which were all amazingly performed! Stevie she can cast a spell over an audience like no other.

With most pop stars setting their bra alight, stripping, or even just wearing outrageous costumes – whatever to consume all and any attention. It’s good to know there are still a select few insipiring and talented artists out there sharing their gifts and being able to stand on their work versus a concert of tricks and distractions from the music itself. Stevie has always played by her own rules and always delivers – she needs to be commended for that. We want you back real soon…until then Thank You again Stevie for another great concert and memories to take along with me. I won’t ever forget it!!! You are a treasure!

I drove in from Austin to see Stevie on August, 13.

I have been a loyal and loving fan and seeing and listening to her & Fleet wood Mac since "1976" and loving every minute of My Dear Gypsy Soul mate ~

The heat was just about unbearable, but I endured, and it paid off in Gold~ This marked my 22nd show through the years.

A few of my favorite's were: Secret Love, For What it's Worth, God Dust Woman, and My Most Fav was ~Annabell Lee~ I LOVE that song. Thank You Stevie ~

Wished She would not have dropped "In Your Dreams" that's a killer song, and i think we could of done without "Ghosts are gone" Of course I loved the whole show, and will look forward to a long term relationship with My "Secret Love" ~

Thanks again Stevie, I Love you with All of "MY Heart"

Tonya K.
I saw Stevie Nicks on my birthday at the Woodlands with my mom and dad. What a great birthday gift!!!! Stevie looks and sounds great...absolutely the Queen of Rock n Roll. I had last seen her perform in Memphis 13 years ago, and she sounds just as good or better!! Thank you for sharing a few personal stories and making us all feel as though we were your friend for the evening. It's a night I will always remember. Thank you!!!

Leigh Ann E.
What a wonderful evening at the Woodlands! Whenever I go to a Stevie concert I feel very blessed and lucky to have seen her. The experience is always unique and special, regardless of it being a solo tour or a FM tour, but I am partial to the solo tours. Ever since I was a child (I am "thisclose" to 40), her music has soothed the soul. A big thank you to her, her band, and Dave Stewart for allowing us to experience this concert.

Arlene L.
Well, after 35 years of listening to Stevie I got to go and see her again! I was SOOO excited as I got to give Stevie my "Sisters of the Moon" group card, and a good friend of my friend Sarah Powell took that picture! Stevie was AMAZING as always, and was in great shape vocally and physically! It was GREAT to hear Stevie do the new songs off of the new cd and they were AWESOME!!! LOVE the new cd as well! I loved how chatty Stevie was, and how cute she was with all of her stories, and LOVED the story behind the red cape she came out with for "Stand Back"! Stevie- HOUSTON LOVES YOU xoxoxoxoxoxox

Over the years I have been fortunate to have seen Stevie many times in concert. I've been completlely blown away every single time. Saturday night at the Cynthia Woods Pavillion, with a full moon shinning on the stage, Stevie and the band mixing the ageless favorites with songs from her newly released, amazing album, ranks right up at the top of the list. From the opening chords of Stand Back to the last note of Edge of Seventeen, the entire audience was mesmorized. And what an absolute treat to witness Leather and Lace with her voice coach. WOW - just WOW! and "Annabel Lee ", well Rolling Stone was right - it is a show stopper-absolutely beautiful.. The encore " Love Is" was the icing on the cake! If you haven't checked out "In Your Dreams"., what are you waiting for? and, if the tour makes a stop near you, go...you won't be disappointed. The legendary gypsy queen rocks on! Thank you, Stevie - for an amazing evening, You did yourself proud.

I am a big, big fan of Stevie Nicks which started 35 years ago when I heard and saw her sing 'Sara' on HBO @ age 13. I attended her show at the Woodlands Pavillion last Saturday and she sang her heart and soul out!!! I love the way she shared some of her touching stories with us throughout the concert. I love how humble, caring and warm she is. The pictures during 'Landslide' made me cry. I was jealous of the fans who got to be up front, shake Stevie's hand & give her a gift! I felt so blessed & thankful to be at her concert because I love Stevie and her music! She is my favorite artist/writer! If you ever get a chance to go see her, take it! She gives a great performance!!! Houston loooves you. Stevie!! Thank you so much for coming to Houston. Oh, I almost forgot...you sounded so good and I loved how the crowd sang along with you like we have been singing with you for years upon years & we have too! God bless you Stevie. Hope you stay well for your tour & thankyou for all you have given to so many :)

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