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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

08/12/2011 Verizon Theatre Dallas, TX

My daughter and I just returned from seeing Stevie in Grand Prairie, and what an amazing show she did!!! Beside her performance, Stevie makes her fans feel "at home" and she shares her life experiences throughout the concert! That is what makes her a very unique person....someone you can relate to....even though she is a superstar!!! Wishing the concert could of lasted for more hours....there is no such thing as enough of hearing Stevie's voice!!! She is amazing and I really admire her so much!!! Thanks for coming a week before my birthday!!!! What an awesome present to get to see your favorite singer in the world!!!!! Much love to you, Stevie and the rest of your awesome crew! Much love.....Roxie

I just returned from the show in Grand Prairie and it was amazing. The show was very heavy on new material although, sadly, she omitted the title song of the new album even though she performed it earlier in the week at Red Rocks. Iíve seen her many times and she has never disappointed me. The encore was only one song, Love Is, and I donít really think thatís the song Iíd end a show with but it was very pretty.

My friend Mark flew in from Atlanta to come see Stevie with me in Grand Prairie! We loved her, she sounded so good and I was so pleased to see Stevie put on the white dress for Edge of Seventeen. She closed the show with Love Is and I dare anyone to listen to Stevie sing this song and not get a tear in your eye.

Judy O.
I was able to attend this show for my 50th Birthday, which was the following Sunday! Stevie gets better all the time. I have been going to her shows since the late 70's!!!! May I add, I would never get tired of seeing her shows. Stevie's music gets me through the bad times and keeps me even more happy in the good times. I feel so close to her music and seems like I have grown up with her through all these years. Her shows are flawless as was her band, I LOVE Waddy so much, he is a musical genus! I feel like I know the entire band, Sharon & Lori are always perfect! The new CD, is great from the first note to the last~ I really enjoyed hearing a lot of the new tunes with the old favs. Great opening with Stand Back~ this is my grand daughter; Rhiannon's very Favorite Stevie song. The only thing to have made this show better would have been to finally get to shake the hand of my favorite singer/writer!!! Maybe someday this will finally happen. My only complaint is the way tickets are sold. Because I am not an elite amex card holder, I do not get the same shot at the best seats. I am not any less a fan, probably more of a fan than most of these, but I know Stevie has nothing to do with that. What happened to the good ole days when it was first come first served, not if you do not hold certain cards or have certain amount of money you have to wait for your tickets. Not fair to us REAL Fans!! Keep Rocking Stevie you are Truly the Queen of Rock and no one even comes close. Hope to see you again very soon

The show was amazing! You're just as beautiful as you were in the 70's!! And You can still rock the house!! Loved the intimate venue. I will never forget it!!

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