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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

04/2-/2011 Air Canada Centre Toronto, ON

Carmen & Aaron
Well, we’d like to start by thanking Rod Stewart’s daughters for suggesting he tour with Stevie Nicks. They have excellent taste in music! And Rod himself seems to be a big fan too – he came out to introduce her and said a lot of kind words. The show started at 7:30 on the dot and what an AWESOME show. High points for us were hearing three songs we’ve never heard live before: “Secret Love”, “Fall from Grace” and the absolutely gorgeous “Love Is” encore – which brought us to tears – we’re talking tears streaming down our faces – that’s how good it was. Stevie’s band was in top form as always, with Sharon sounding especially good on “Sorcerer”. Stevie was also looking and sounding beautiful, and we LOVE the dress she was wearing for “Rhiannon” – also one of the best songs (oh who are we kidding… they were ALL best songs to us). It was also amazing to hear Stevie and Rod’s voices together on his songs “Passion” and “Young Turks”, and we loved how Stevie was dancing so much for those songs. They should re-release those as duets! And it was a plus that Rod Stewart’s show was really good too – turning us into fans of his too, with the exception of just a few songs. A tip for Stevie fans seeing the show: when Rod does “Tonight’s the Night,” that’s a perfect time to go and buy a Stevie Nicks T-shirt and visit the loo. Hahahaha.
But seriously, it was pretty incredible to see him at 66 kicking soccer balls all over the Air Canada Centre – right up into the nosebleed seats – very impressive. All in all, one of the BEST live shows, and definitely worth seeing!
To quote ourselves screaming at the show: “WE LOVE YOU STEVIE!!!!”

I attended the Stevie Nicks concert last night at the Air Canada Centre...It was AMAZING. We counted down the time until she took to the stage and boy was it worth the wait. She got us to our feet with Standback, and then her new single Secret Love. Her voice untouched by time and looking as good as ever. She ended with Edge of Seventeen and Love Is from TISL...Stevie is one of those artists that give a great show live, no questions asked. The two duets with Rod Stewart: Passion, and Young Turks were fantastic. Thank You Stevie!!

Well I achieved my goal of seeing Stevie live 20 times last night. I guess I have to go for 25 now. She has only played twice in my city( with Fleetwood Mac)Winnipeg,Canada, so I have invested a fortune traveling around North America to see her and it has been worth every cent.I can't put into words exactly how being in her "holy" presence, as I like to say, makes me feel. It is beyond thrilling every time. Vocally she was simply superb. So glad she opened with Stand Back, as there is an inexplicable , intangible energy that emanates from that song, especially when she performs it live. Then she followed with her new single Secret Love which brought goosebumps and tears to my eyes. Landslide was especially exquisite , oh hell the whole damn show was great! I also loved hearing Love Is which she sang with incredible, heartbreaking passion .My only complaint was that it wasn't long enough and sorry Rock & Roll was not in the set. It was great to see Stevie having so much fun with Rod Stewart . Too bad they didn't sing Leather And Lace or Stop Draggin'. Didn't know if we were going to stay for all of Rod Stewart, but he was so much fun and we knew every single song. Rock On Gold Dust Woman!!!

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