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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

04/1/2011 Bell Centre Montreal, QC

My name is Martin and i’m a real fan of Stevie and Fleetwood Mac. I was at the Bell Center in Montreal to see both Stevie and Rod for this tour. Stevie’s voice was so good. And her new song ‘Secret love’ is sos brilliant even live. Can’t wait to get her new c.d. The only deception for this show is the choice of songs they took for the duo. I think ‘Passion ‘ and ,Young Turks’ were not a good choice. I will see them use ‘Lather and Lace’ and ‘This old heart of mine’ as a choice of songs. But i’m very happy to see that Stevie change the opening song for her concert. For me; ‘Fall from grace’ was not the one for the opening act. ‘Stand back’ was, as usual’ brilliant !! Thank you Stevie. Come in Montreal more often !! –Martin

WOW what a show !! When Stevie arrived on stage and sang her first song I swear I cried > What a voice , absolutely fantastic stage presence , an perfect delivery of some new stuff and of course , all the old favourites. Well worth seeing . Stevie Nicks is and always will be a legend . She still has what it takes and she has never lost the love and the passion for her music .

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