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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

04/17-/2011 Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles, CA

Amazing show - Stevie was over way too quick- but I'm a Stevie fan.... She just seems to keep getting better - strong, clear, powerful voice and the outdoor venue was perfect for sound. The set list had minor changes - Outside the Rain transitioning into Dreams (just love that idea), and opened with Stand Back. "If Anyone Falls In Love", and "Rock and Roll" were removed from the set list. ( I liked those changes - i'm not a big fan of "Rock and Roll"). Everything else listed on the nicksfix is still there.


There were streams of people coming in still halfway through her set - they missed some incredible performances of Gold Dust Woman, Landslide etc.

Rod was great too - different type of performer, doesn't seem to take himself too seriously - just having fun whether he sounds good or you can barely hear him (again why do bands over power singers? - it makes no sense - especially with the technology available today to mix) But he sounded good and was a lot of fun. I did enjoy that he highligted all his band members - both Stevie's band and Rod's were INCREDIBLE! The band can still shine behind the voice of a singer you can hear - and there is definitely places you can let them have the spotlight so I just don't get the drowning out of the singers ....anyway thoroughly enjoyed the show - wish Stevie had done a few more songs and I was surprised how much I enjoyed Rod's show....he was a complete afterthought when I bought the tickets - I was only going for Stevie but I forgot how many great songs he had too :)

Great venue - so much better than a concert indoors!!!

Just saw Stevie & Rod at the Hollywood Bowl last night and I think she looked and sounded better than the last time I saw her which was the "Rumors" Anniversary Tour also at the Bowl. It was pure Stevie in her bewitching black attire sans her trademark boots. She captivated the audience and pulled us into her web. I always cry when I hear "Landslide" and last night I needed my hankie. Looking forward to the much anticipated new album. I'm sure it will be pure magic.

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