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04/15-/2011 US Airways Center Phoenix, AZ

Marcie from Houston
Wow! I have seen Stevie many many times, alone and with Fleetwood Mac. I never dreamed she would end up touring with Rod Stewart whom I have also been a fan of and enjoyed his concerts over the years. I live in Houston, TX and when this tour was announced, I was really disappointed that Houston was not on the list. My birthday was April 1, and I asked my husband if we could fly to Phoenix to see the show, knowing that was the ideal city to see her in outside of Houston. Why? Because this is where Stevie is from so I knew she would make it extra special for her family and friends and she did. She mentioned that her mother, brother and friends were in the audience and that she loved the warm weather in Phoenix as compared to Kansas City.

I had printed out the set list because I always like to have an idea about what she will sing. There were some deviations too. I have never seen her sing You Wreck Me by Tom Petty so that was a treat. I was a little disappointed she didn't sing Fall from Grace because I really like that song. Instead, she opened with Standback. Next she sang Outside the Rain, which I love. I don't think she sang If Anyone Falls. Sorcerer sounded great. The rest of set list was what I had anticipated, except she didn't sing as an encore Rock and Roll by Led Zep, I am just so tired of that song, her songs are SO SO much better, what a waste that is. Also, earlier set lists included Passion with Rod Stewart, but instead they sang Leather and Lace. She looked great onstage with him, she had a younger more updated outfit on with him. I wish she would dress like that more often, she looked really cute. She had her really nice boots on and suede looking leggings and a very flattering tunic. She looks slimmer than ever and healthy too. I am so happy for her and I cannot wait to hear the next album.

It is so amazing how beautiful Stevie not only looks but sounds. Her voice was crystal clear perfection. She is just captivating....and I am a woman! I have only seen her before in outside venues in Houston, and I think she acoustics sounded better at the US Airways Center, and the people that work there were great too. We stayed at the Wyndham just a couple blocks away so we could walk. I would have been fine just hearing her all night even though I really like Rod Stewart a lot. But, it was an easier sell to my husband since it was 2 concerts in one. When she comes back to Houston by herself I will definitely be there so I hope she changes the set list again. For all the Rod Stewart fans who are reading this, he did not disappoint. He too, looks and sounds better than ever, and he is a true pro. Love his stage and all of his back up singers and performers. Everyone was top notch, very good musicians. If you have the chance to see this show, don't miss it.

When I heard Stevie was touring again, I was SO excited. I drove to CT last September to watch her at the Foxwoods, and her performance was simply amazing. The 30+ hour drive was absolutely worth it. For the Heart and Soul tour, I hoped she was going to be in the Denver area, but when I saw she would be in Phoenix, I booked a flight because I wanted to watch her perform in her home town. The concert weekend was so wonderful. I got to visit Stevie’s home town, see an amazing performance, and visit the Silver Springs Emporium, where I was privileged to meet and talk with her delightful cousin, Minette.

Even though I watched her perform many of the same songs seven months ago, Stevie recreated them and made them unique. She opened with “Stand Back,” doing her famous leg kick near the end of the song. Her energy and passion for music was so evident, and she had such a captivating presence on stage. I remember most vividly “Landslide” because she played a slide show of pictures/videos throughout her life. It was such a touching performance because it drove home the importance of family and of remembering your roots. Stevie even mentioned this at the concert: how important it is to keep family close. As her beautiful alto voice finished the song, a few pictures of her father flashed on the screen, and the moment was poignantly memorable.

“Rhiannon” has been my favorite song since I can remember. My dad would play it in the pickup for me whenever we went on our little excursions. I might be a young fan (I don’t know how many people have told me that I—at 23—am too young to be such a big fan), but Stevie’s music is so very near to my heart. “Rhiannon” began with a beautiful piano intro. that led into Stevie singing a lyrical introduction to the song. Then silence. Waddy began the famous riff, and Stevie just blew the song away. Her raspy voice added so much intensity to the song, and she ended with a powerful “DON’T leave me….now.” I was blown away.

“Gold Dust Woman” was also at the top of my list. It started with an eerie violin solo that carried us into the “Gold” beat and cowbell. Then Stevie, dressed in her mystical golden shawl, floated to her microphone and brought the gold dust woman to life.

Stevie also treated the audience to her new song, “Secret Love,” which has been released for early download on iTunes and which I have loved listening to. She sang “Secret Love” as the trailer played in the background. The performance was a wonderful preview to her upcoming album (which I can’t wait to buy on May 3rd!), and I’m sure those at the concert are eager to see what other masterpieces she has created.

“Edge of Seventeen” made all of us a little sad in the audience because we knew it meant the end of Stevie’s performance. She did not disappoint. She walked onto stage with a powerful presence and totally rocked. At the end of the song, she, as usual, made her rounds as she graciously acknowledged and thanked each person on stage as well as those of us in the audience.

Stevie tricked the audience into thinking her half of the performance would end with “Edge of Seventeen,” the song she said had concluded her concerts since 1981. But the Phoenix concert was different. She ended with “Love Is,” the final of her trio of ballads (the first two being “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You” and “Beauty and the Beast”). “Love Is” is from her Trouble in Shangri-La album, but the version she sang on stage was quite different—and in a good way. It was a beautiful ballad, and Stevie sang from her heart. Though her performance didn’t end with something high energy, it left the audience with something to reflect about—something she said as she walked off the stage: “pray for the world.”

“Leather and Lace” was an exciting performance for a couple of reasons. First, it gave Stevie a chance to get back on stage, and second, it was great because I had never heard it sung with her matured voice. The song was wonderful, and she and Rod’s voices complemented each other perfectly. Stevie did bring the song down a little from its original version, singing it at a lower range that was well adjusted for the performance. The duet worked very well, and I loved seeing the song brought back to the stage.

I loved the concert. It was splendid and everything I hoped it would be. As I anticipate Stevie’s upcoming tour for her new album, In Your Dreams, I have been thinking about some songs (in addition to the new ones that I can’t wait to hear) I would love to see added to her set list—two songs I think have been unfairly underplayed: “Everyday” from Trouble in Shangri-La and “Beauty and the Beast” from Wild Heart. If you have the chance to catch the Heart and Soul tour, don’t pass it up. You won’t be disappointed because both performers are phenomenal and will give you a memory you will not want to pass up.

Tracy In Scottsdale AZ
What can I say that hasn't already been said about Stevie? Probably nothing, but I wanted to say that Friday's show was magical and amazing!! Several friends whom I told I was going to see her with Rod Stewart said they wanted to only see her solo. I am extremely happy I went to see her on this tour!! It was GREAT! She put on one of her best shows I have ever seen. Her voice was in fine form and she looked happier and more energetic than I have seen in a long time. She started the night off rocking with Stand Back and then brought back Outside The Rain, which I enjoyed immensely. She followed with one of the best performances of Dreams I have ever seen. The whole crowd was singing with her. I absolutely loved Secret Love. She already has a special dance for this number and it was sheer perfection. My personal favorite was Gold Dust Woman. I love the new intro and the way she has totally reinvented this song. It is phenomenal. I also enjoyed hearing her version of You Wreck Me. She really rocked the house on that one!! She had many pretty shawls and wore her gold moon pendant and her Reeboks. When she came out for her duets with Rod, she had changed into pants and had her diamond moon on and these really cool fingerless gloves. She looked and sounded great with him! I must say, I didn't know what to expect from his show...but I was pleasantly surprised! He puts on an amazing show and really gets the crowd involved. I really enjoyed seeing Stevie in a different kind of setting, away from her usual set and in a brighter atmosphere. It was my 10th time seeing Stevie and I will go 1000 more if I can. The night was incredible. I can hardly wait for In Your Dreams!!!

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