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04/12/2011 Sprint Center Kansas City, MO

Hi! I attended the Kansas City show at the Sprint Center.
So I will start by saying one of Rod Stewarts drummers came up to me in the sea of people I was in when I was going to my seat, and gave me a front row ticket! My heart dropped. Unfortunately, my mom was outside parking...so it sorta sucked for her, but she understood because she knows I'm a giant Stevie Nicks fan, because she has impacted me in astounding ways.
The show was absolutely AMAZING, and not just because I was in the front row, but because Stevie was the definition of magic. No one can light up a stage like her and her aura. You don't even need spotlights for someone like that.
The pictures behind her were touching and made me cry at least 4 times. They were really entertaining and I'm glad you showed them. Also whoever makes her clothes should win some kind of award, I died.
The rest of the band and her signers did outstanding as well, although I'm not surprised.
Everyone did beautiful, I can't type out how great it was. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I never stopped smiling.
Brightest blessings to Stevie and everyone involved,

Stevie put on a awsome show last night in Kansas City Missouri!!! I have been a fan of hers since I can remember hearing her for the first time in the 70's as I was born in 1977. I was so impressed with her and Rods show last night that I am still smiling from thier performances! Stevie nobody will and could every replace you !!! You are one of a kind and a special one at that!! Cant wait to get your album that releases on May 3rd, LOVE YOU STEVIE !!! Keep on keepin on and keep that Gypsy feeling alive!!!

Stevie at her best, as always … After opening I believe with “Outside the Rain” which smoothly ran right into “Dreams” Stevie welcomed her KS City fans with signing a line from the song KS. City Here I Come … “I’m going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come”, which in turn got her a huge warm welcome as everyone sang along with her. I was sad to hear that she would only be singing Secret Love from the new CD (but I am excited to think this might mean an actual “In Your Dreams” tour to follow the release of the CD). I have had the pleasure of seeing Stevie live several times and this time was no different, again she filled the stage with her grace and captivating enchantment. The one thing that I truly missed was seeing her spin around … they were replaced with her signature pose (like on the cover of Rumors) arms up and out as she leans her body down and forward. I also have to say my first thoughts were WTF Stevie is opening for Rod Stewart, but after Rod hit the stage I understood why she is out on the road with him. What an amazing show from both of them.

Stevie was awesome.still has voice of an angel and puts her all into her music.was a great. Birthday gift to see her on the 12.have followed her music for 30 years and she truly is the poet of my heart.her music is timeless and always relates to the highs and lows of my life.much better set than rod Stewart because it was about the music and from the heart.

Susan M.D. from Clay Center, KS
Ageless style, grace, beauty, magic! Stevie brings it all! We had the best seats for this show that we have ever been able to get - row 10 from center stage. This concert was much anticipated, and she does not disappoint!! Stevie's music transcends a good concert for me - it is the soundtrack for an important part of my life.

I was able to enjoy this concert with my 1st boyfriend from high school. That first crush started when I was a freshman and Joe was a senior just before the release of "Fleetwood Mac" in 1975. In 1977 when "Rumours" came out, the pathos of the breakups of Stevie & Lindsey and Christine & John permeated the music. Those songs became the backdrop of our lives as Joe and I split up as well. The music from "Tusk" followed me through college when we knew we didn't belong together, but couldn't seem to stay apart either. We "walked a thin line".

In the eighties we finally went our separate ways, when we each met and married our soul-mates. Stevie's solo career flourished as I struggled through med school, residency and starting my practice. After 15 years of no contact, Joe and I met again when a mutual friend from high school died. That happened after "The Dance" was released, and once again Stevie had a song for me and Joe - Silver Springs. We have since made our peace with the past, and are now fortunate to be good friends. In that way we feel a warm kinship with Stevie and Lindsey when we see them perform together. Stevie's solo material and F Mac songs are so intertwined with memories of events and feelings of our past. The wonderful people we that married are gracious and trusting enough to let us relive the good memories of that 1st love whenever Stevie or F Mac performs in K.C.

I bought the tickets for Heart and Soul to see Stevie , but Rod Stewart did not disappoint either. They sounded great together, and they looked fabulous! They make me proud to be on the far side of 50 myself. These rockin' stars will never need rocking chairs. They seem "forever young" but thankfully smarter and healthier, having survived the substance abuse and lifestyle that took down so many others. As a physician, I am proud to point to them as examples that we can rock better and longer without drugs! Also, Stevie, Bless You for all that you do for our soldiers at Walter Reed and for the American Heart Association. I know your Dad is proud of you.

Please bring the music of "In Your Dreams" back to us in K.C. . . . Joe and I are waiting for the next chapter . . . .

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