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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

04/10-/2011 Joe Loius Arena Detroit, MI

The Heart & Soul concert shouldn't be missed!!! What a fantastic night. Stevie looked and sounded great. She was full of energy, enticing the crowd with every song. Again, Stevie is the master of arrangements, and her set-list for the night was great!! Starting the show with Stand Back was an absolute treat as that song always gets the crowd going...we all erupted into applause and screams when she did her infamous twirls.....AWESOME!!! Secret Love was amazing too. What a powerful song when sung live...a definite glimpse into what an excellent new cd Stevie has in store for all of her fans. Loved the video that played during that song. I hope she puts out another video collection for the new cd. When Stevie spoke about and then sang Landslide, you could hear the crowd singing along with her, and watching her personal photos on the screen behind her was very touching. Everyone seemed to really love her cover of Tom Petty's song, and then really got into Edge of Seventeen, Gold Dust Woman, Rhiannon, and finally Love Is. Later on in the evening, Stevie joined Rod for a two song duet. What fun that was to see. She vamped it up for the audience and gave all of us a great show that carried on for the rest of the evening. Stevie was definitely the best that evening!! This review isn't doing justice to what a perfect concert and night was shared amongst Stevie and her fans. Thanks Stevie!!! Can't wait for the new cd, and can't wait to see you again!!

Dana & Zach
Wow! What a show it was! I drove from Pittsburgh with my 8-year-old son taking him to his second Stevie show! Our seats were 2nd row and we were so excited. It didn't matter that it wasn't a full Stevie show - it was AWESOME seeing them & it really didn't even seem that it was much shorter for me. Security was so nice (for once, ha) and let my son stand in the aisle and go up in the front row where he rocked his little heart out. How cool was it that I am singing Edge of 17 & Rhiannon with my 8-year-old and he knew every word! Stevie chatted a bit in between songs and surprised me with hearing "You Wreck Me" & "Leather and Lace" with Rod! They all looked & sounded great as always. Stevie & Band had just as much fun & energy as if it were their own show rather than a guest opener. Rod Stewart was amazing too. I have to say this was on of my favorite Stevie shows thus far! Special Thanks to Carlos & Lori as they payed such special attention to my son. He made eyes with Lori the whole show and she kept smiling, waving & blowing kisses to him! No Edge Walk - but Stevie did come and wave directly to us. Priceless Evening. THANKS TO ALL ~

It was an amazing show. My highlight of the concert, this my 21st Stevie show, was putting Outside the Rain back in the set list. Rod Stewart was entertaining. But Stevie was why I was there. Look forward to the In Your Dreams CD and tour.

stevie, at Joe Lewis Arena was amazing. I was so happy that she opened.
The lights went down at exactly 7:30. The drums kicked off, and then the lights and guitars all kicked in. As she sang "Stand Back," she twirled, and sang, and it was so great :). As Stand back closed, she said "LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" it was so cool id never heard her scream something like that. It was a party!. Then... she sang "Outside The Rain," which just like on the Live at Red Rocks DVD, transformed afterwards into "Dreams." She then proceeded into "Secret Love," and then she went on with "Rhiannon," "Landslide," "Gold Dust Woman," and then.... to end it off, she did the huge 10 minute long version of "Edge Of Seventeen."
She was so cool! And her encore was "Love Is."
then as Rod Stewart came out... Stevie joined him, and she picked one of his songs for them to sing together, and he picked one of hers to sing together.
His- "Time Is On Your Side"
Hers- "Leather and Lace"

We left halfway through Rod Stewart, in order to beat the heavy traffic on I-75, we left right after "The First Cut Is The Deepest."
Rod did numbers like "Forever Young," dedicated to his baby son Aidan, who was just recently born. He had quite the stage. Girls dancing, and beutteful girl playing the saxaphone, and all the gutiar players were dressed in suits, giving the show a very 1960s look. There were background singers, in red dresses, and Stevie even sang with them a little during "Time Is On Your Side."
all in all, a very good show.

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