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06/26/2011 Hard Rock Calling at Hyde Park London

Dirk, Rotterdam - The Netnerlands
Never forget the performance of you June 26th @ the Hard Rock Calling festival in London Great waether and even a better show, i have to thank my good friend Brian from Scotland who invited me to London and gave me the chanche seeing you there.

got great memories to Landslide, thinking to Rob, my wife's father in his last stage of cancer that's the best song i ever heard.

Some other i liked was you singing against Sharon Celani, if gave me a feeling of thank her for all the time she's with you The new single live was nice to hear, good to have new music from you.

Last but not least you duet with Rod, the sparks flew from this performance, pitty it was just one song.

Anyway thx for this concert in London

Neal C.
This was a fantastic show, and whilst I have seen Stevie in the UK with Fleetwood Mac on four occasions, This was the first time seeing Stevie performing as a solo artist. It was a gloriously sunny day in Hyde Park, and the audience were in good spirits. Rod Stewart came on stage to introduce Stevie, stating they had just finished their US tour, and that she was a rock icon of the 21st century. The audience gave Stevie a great reception and the set began with Stand Back. It is a great song, and always takes me back to the summer of '83 when it came out and I was an undergraduate at university. Secret Love followed, and then Rhiannon, which got a great reception, as, particularly, did Gold Dust Woman. In now time-honoured way, Stevie closed the set with Edge of Seventeen. The audience were exstatic at the end of this, and I think it is fair to say Stevie had truly 'got this party started'. Stevie commented towards the end of the set that this was the first concert at which she had worn shades - the sun was shining almost directly at the stage.

After a short break Rod Stewart took to the stage and also got a very good reaction. Stevie joined him on stage to perform Young Turks, and he was later mined by Ronnie Wood for Stay with Me.

It was a great day.

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