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The Late Show - Fan Experiences
May 3, 2001

Stevie was on the Late Show with David Letterman on May 3, 2001. Here are the experiences of fans who attended.


from Kristin
I was so lucky when an angel from NYC offered me a ticket to both the Letterman AND Rosie show!! We met up before the Rosie show which was being taped at 2:00, and we got there at 1:15....we had VIP seats, so we were escorted to front row seats behind the cameramen in the center section. It was so neat, and when we sat down there was a copy of TISL on every seat!! We waited patiently while the crowd guy got us pumped that Stevie was there...everyone there was VERY excited to see her!! Then Rosie came out a little while later, while Stevie's band came out also and set up. Rosie came up into the audience and was telling us how excited she was that Stevie was there. She then told us a story about how Stevie didn't remember, but she had met her a long time ago at a Thanksgiving dinner given by mutual agents or something....and how Rosie nearly died when she walked in and saw Stevie there!! Then they explained how they would tape the show out of order, and that Stevie would perform two songs first and then tape the talking part after. Stevie came out soon after this and Rosie introduced her....you guys know the rest....inbetween songs, her hair girl and make-up guy came out and touched her up...it was really cool to see that!! Stevie also looked up at my friend and I at one point, probably because we were smiling at her, and she smiled and blew us a kiss! So cute!! The audience guy was getting us pumped up again and had us practice yelling and clapping to the camera. He stopped and looked at one guy behind me and said..."You want to be excited, but don't SCARE the people at home!!" The guy looked at him and said, "But STEVIE NICKS is standing right here!!" We all laughed and hooted. Then she walked up to the interview area and sat and chatted with Rosie very closely until the were ready to shoot. You know the rest of this....after, Stevie sat for a while and talked with Rosie, and then gathered her people together and walked out by the side of the audience and waved. At the end of the show, as we were leaving, a man in a business suit who worked there came up to me and my friend Michelle and said "Wasn't Stevie great? In the 5 years that Rosie has been doing this show, I think this was the best performance we've ever had." They had also said at the beginning of the show that when Stevie had rehearsed, every single person that worked there had come out to watch her. It was very special.

After this we had to RUN to Letterman to make it in time. When we got there we got escorted to a VIP line just outside of the studio and we waited there.

While waiting, we could hear Stevie rehearsing Everyday through the door.

Good friends of mine, also big Stevie fans, let us join them at the front of the line, and we were brought in and seated in front row balcony seats. There were a lot of Stevie fans there!! Soon after, Julie :), Laura :), and Jan :) were brought in and seated behind us. It was almost like a real Stevie concert!! Minus the rowdiness!! We waited patiently throughout the show until the end when finally Steive's band came out and then finally Stevie!! She was amazing. After talking to Dave, when the show was over, she waited around on stage for awhile and chatted with people. Then she started to exit, and music was playing....as she walked out she started grooving to the music, sort of dancing and she looked over at Paul Schaffer and waved. Then she was gone.

We waited outside with the rest of the huge crowd for Steive to come out afterwards....her band came out little by little....Sharon signed a few autographs and was very sweet....Waddy smiled and waved to us.....Brett Tuggle was also very friendly!! Then finally after what seemed like FOREVER in the HOT HOT HOT NYC street, Steive came cruising out of the door and towards the limo waving once....she stopped just before getting into the limo, pushed her dark sunglasses lined with rhinestones down to the bottom of her nose and looked side to side at us from under the glasses while smiling and waving...so cute!! Then she was gone.... :) I managed to get one picture of her...I'm not even sure how because people kept getting in my way in the midst of the excitement. I guess there was an angel watching over me that day! There just had to be because it was so magical. Here is the picture, but sort of cropped...hope you guys enjoy!

from Jan
OKAY ~ Letterman show was a trip !!! I do have a story to tell but i am so shot right now...and i did write one earlier but got booted before i was done with it!! so......stevie looked great...performs EVERYDAY...announces the date and location of the tour opener....says Europe will be included in a 1 year tour !!!!! I will post again tomorrow....it was a loooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggg day !!! I am interested to see when anyone gets this post...it is now 12:48 am EST. For you west coasters...Stevie comes on the last 15 mins of the show !


This is a few days after the fact ~ but still wanted to share my experience.......here goes !

You all have read the review of Stevies performance I posted last week but sit tight for this part......

While standing in line with tix in hand...the pages/ushers of the staff of Letterman were briefing us on what they wanted from us as audience participants...we want you to be loud, excited and happy to be at the live taping of the show. As we are woooooohooooooo'ing several times security personnel come up to me and say "if you are that loud inside you will we thrown out !!" ~ We are now in the theatre....I hold up my flat that I won at Night of 1000 Stevies in hopes of perhaps getting the camera mans attention....was told to "put that away"....or I would get thrown out !! ~ After about 10 mins or so one of the ushers noticed a flash of a camera going off in the row I was sitting in (no it was not me) we had been warned of no picture taking ~ "whoever took that picture if you do it again..you will be thrown out !!" Now another 10 mins go by...sitting there minding my own business and not dare to take anything out to hold up or take pictures.....AGAIN...this "howdy doody" lookalike comes up to me, points his finger at my face and says "I am warning YOU...if you pull that camera or anything out of that bag u have...you will be thrown out !!! At this point I am a bit perterbed...to say the least....then the nerve of the guy in front of me to turn around and say..."could you please stop talking".....I was not happy at this point and totally came down from the high I had been on....It must have been the Stevie tee shirt I was wearing that got me picked out of the crowd...as the guests are not as important as Dave is for the taping of the shows !!!!

Okay, the show is over....Laura, Julie, Peter, Kath, Kat and I bolt out the side door to catch a glimpse of Stevie and crew coming out to where the limo was waiting to pick them up. After waiting maybe 15 minutes and asking anyone and everyone to please do me a favor and somehow I would love for Stevie to be able to get what I had brought for her (one of my "sister of the moon" necklaces) I got nowhere with anyone....although one security guard told me..."I will do what I can for you hon"....so I am standing with the crowd with my back to the door and all of a sudden my arm was grabbed !!! Not knowing what to expect, I turn around and right in my face is Sharon Celani and she says "I was told you had something you wanted to give to Stevie".....I freaked, fumbled in my pocket for the necklace, gave it to her...she said "oh my that is beautiful...Stevie will love it"...I told her I made it and many others for all my sisters and brothers of the moon and since Stevie was the inspiration for it...she just had to have one. She asked me my name and said she would definitely tell Stevie what I had said and would make sure she got it....I also gave her a dozen roses which Kat had bought to give to Stevie..but had to leave to catch a train...Sharon assured me she would get them to her too !! Very kewl of her...she is a regular person !!!! I do believe she gave the stuff to Stevie...at least I hope she did :-)

Now is my opportunity to get my sharpie and cd, pics, whatever out of my bag for at least Sharon to autograph...and in the flash of an eye...she was whisked away by someone ~~oh well ~ maybe next time !!

I did get a few pics...none of Stevie though....when she finally came out the side door the security guards stood in front of me and blocked my shots....I DO have a pic of that !!! Will post the pics I did get.

All in all it was a great experience going to see Stevie perform live on the Letterman show ~ especially to spend the day with my friends and to make the time that much more memorable !!!

from Erin
New York, NY

After waiting in several lines and being treated like cattle, some of the show's staffers talked to us about how to behave during the taping. They also informed us that there was an incredible musical guest for tonight's show and that we were really lucky. My best friend and I of course turned to each other and squealed (he isn't a huge Stevie fan like I am but he's so supportive and I love him for it). Before we were seated, one of the women who worked for the show was talking to my friend and I and said that Dave would be talking to the audience during the taping, and that they would likely have someone like me, who was energetic and smiling, ask Dave a question on air. I was all set to ask Dave if it was true that he had a huge crush on Stevie, but unfortunately they must have cut the segment.

We were finally allowed into the theater, and I noticed they were sending a lot of people up to the balcony. When I walked up to the seating guy, he put up a hand and said, "wait." He sent my best friend and I onto the main floor, just a few feet from where Stevie would be performing!

Stevie was awesome. She looked great and sounded incredible...I don't think the vocal perfection or the beautiful vulnerability that came through in her performance really translated to the TV screen (as I watched the show at home later that night). As I have done every time I have been fortunate enough to see Stevie live, I marvelled at the fact that she was there in front of me singing, the same woman whose poetry and voice have reached out to me from my stereo for years. During the commercial break after "Everyday", Stevie went over and stood in front of Dave's desk, talking to him and a few other people that came onstage and surrounded her. Then she did her interview, and after the show had ended she stood onstage for a few moments, dancing a little bit as the band played.

I went outside afterward and stood across the street so I had a clear view of the door, figuring that if Stevie stopped to talk to people I would worm my way through the crowd to be nearer. There were tons of people outside waiting for her, I was surprised to see that that many fans had attended the taping. After what seemed like an eternity, Stevie emerged in huge sunglasses, waved to the crowd and ducked into her car. I walked up the street past the limo as it waited to turn onto 8th Avenue, and I couldn't help but wave, just in case she was looking. I went to unbelievable lengths to score the tickets to see Stevie on Letterman, and I was so glad to have been one of the few who got to see her perform.

from Darleen
My son and I went to The Letterman show tonight. I had put in for tickets on Dave's website and was shocked that they called me! I had so much fun . We got our tickets and went to the stage door to you know maybe say hi and I had a shawl I made to give Stevie. Well, First the band arrived they were nice but went in quickly. The Sharon got out of the Van and she walked near me and I put out my hand and said Hi Sharon, how are you. She was "good thanks" and shook my hand. She was so nice and she is very pretty in person! OK so now I am like HS and we wait and wait.I am dressed all in black and dying from the heat. Then Stevies car came I was so close and almost got up to her and this big stupid security guard stepped right in front of me, but he was a lot bigger then me and I caught Stevies eye and said Hi Stevie, she didn't say anything but we made eye contact and she smiled, since she is short too we both were like looking under the guys arm, lol. She went in so fast my son couldn't even get a picture. OK so now we get in side finally and they tell us all these rule no like "Woohooing" etc. So instead we yelled Yeah Stevie .The security was really tight. So the lead us in and we are in the balcony I am like great I knew it really far, but when I actually get in the room its like being on the floor but only above it, first row, I was so close. My son was laughing at me cause we were right in front of the desk,first row balcony and I was saying oh my God look she is gonna sit there we can see here perfectly. So now I am really excited I didn't even care about Survivor and Bill Murray, lol. So Bill Murray is talking and Dave asks him if he likes Stevie Nicks I won't say what he says but its funny. Oh also when the show starts Dave says He and Stevie were married 2 x times hes so funny.OK so anyway they set up the band during commercial and then Stevie comes out. She looks so great, just to let you know I looked at the monitor a few times and she looks much heavier on TV. OK so Stevie is wearing a black outfit her usual beautiful skirt and top and her boots ,actually we had the same boots on :). She sings Everyday and it was great, she pretend plays the violin at one point, and she sounded beautiful! She does a twirl at the end of the song. It was so cool. Then there is a commercial I was so close if I yelled she would have heard me, I was gonna but the lady standing near us from security was mean I couldn't even hold up my Nicks Fix Bumper sticker. Oh they pan the audience before the song so I waved with my shawl, lol it was quick but if you see black chiffon waving its me. So then they sit and talk I can't say everything but he asks her about Survivor, I don't wanna ruin it for you guys but its good. She is so cute. After the show we went back to the stage door, where I meet Waddy and the drummer, I forget his name, shook hands with them. They were both really nice. My son and I got separated but he was talking to Sharon and (I am not sure who the other back up singer was) and got pictures of them. I was at the other end or the gate and he asked them" if they could sign my Moms CD "they started coming down to me and someone stopped them and then they said the had to go. So now Stevie comes out like a flash, I waved and yelled to her again and my son got pictures of her. I can't wait to see them !!! It was a great day, I am still hyper lol. OK Its 11:30 Enjoy !! P.S. I got the pictures back and they came out great.

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