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Entertainment Weekly

September 5, 1997, issue #395


There's gold, and probably platinum, in them thar "Silver Springs." The reunited Fleetwood Mac fox-trotted to the top with their second live album, "The Dance", which debuted with 199,000 copies SoundScanned. That's an impressive send-off for a lineup that's been out of the limelight for a decade, though the reheated Mac may not stave off Puff Daddy for long. Also debuting in the top 10 (possibly for the last time, if he keeps his vow to retire from pop), Billy Joel sold 90,000 of his "Greatest Hits Vol. III" for a No. 9 entry. A little further down, at No. 21, is Fiona Apple's rising "Tidal" a year-old album that, just two months ago, was mired in the chart's low 80's, proving that sometimes good things crest slowly.

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