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Note from the Nicks Fix editor
June 13, 2004

I just returned from the tour where I attended the first five Stevie/Don Henley shows. If you have sent email that hasn't been answered, I should catch up on it soon. While on the road I met a lot of fans and made new friends and met up with a lot of old friends. Stevie fans are one of a kind and it's like one big family at the shows. What fun it was to be able to upgrade some of the fans in back to better seats and to pass out bumper stickers to the kids. I hope you get a chance to see one of the Stevie and Don Henley shows...it is quite an experience. Stevie singing on Hotel California and Don on Leather and Lace is something you don't want to miss. Also, if you haven't heard Beauty and the Beast lately, you're missing out.

At some of the shows I was taking photos for Stevie's tourbook, which Chris is putting together, and it should be ready by the first Stevie solo show. Thanks to the band for letting me hang around backstage with my camera. What a cool group of guys and girls this tour.

Special thanks to Chris Nicks for making me feel welcome on the road. Also, thanks to my concert buddies, Debbie, Patti, Sally, Blair, Joe, Elise, Jessica and Michelle for making this such a fun trip.


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