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The contest has ended! The winners are listed below.


Mary Kirk Pollard from Tennessee
Brian Fairhurst from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Brad Bultman from Michigan
Stephanie Bedsole from Alabama
Tess and Shanee from Connecticut


The Deep Dish CD, "George Is On," has a very cool version of the song Dreams. Stevie has layed down new vocals for this version of the song. The Nicks Fix is giving away five copies of the CD to Stevie Nicks fans. To have a chance to get a free copy, answer the questions below. Five winners will be chosen at random from the correct answers received. You must have your answers in by October 31st. The winners will be announced shortly afterwards. Good luck.

You can order the CD on Amazon.

Read more about Deep Dish on www.deepdish.com.
Read an article where Deep Dish talks about the song.

Answer the 10 questions below correctly to be eligible to win a CD:


1. Name the song title that contains the following lyrics:

Thunder only happens when it's raining
Players only love you when they're playing

Answer: Dreams

2. Name Five Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac songs that include the word "Angel" in the lyrics.

Answer: Street Angel
Blue Lamp
Sleeping Angel
Jane's Song
Desert Angel

3. Name the song title that contains the following lyrics:

Can I sail through the changing ocean tides
Can I handle the seasons of my life

Answer: Landslide

4. Name the song title that contains the following lyrics:

Some people walk down that darkened street
With the faith of a child

Answer: No Spoken Word

5. Name the song title that contains the following lyrics:

One tear slid across her lips
To the corner of her mouth
And dropped to the floor

Answer: Love Is

6. Name 10 songs released by Stevie, with or without Fleetwood Mac, that include the word "cry" in the lyrics.

Answer:Cry Wolf
Kind of Woman
Gold Dust Woman
Imperial Hotel
Stand Back
Somebody Stand By Me
Rhiannon-(Dance Version)
God's Garden

7. Name at least four singers who have sang back-up vocals on a live performance with Stevie Nicks.

Answer: Lori Perry
Sharon Celani
Sara Fleetwood
Elisha Wright
Jana Anderson
Carolyn Brooks
Lynn Mabry
Mindy Stein
Liza Jane
Marilyn Martin

8. Name two song titles that contain the following lyrics:

Crying in the morning...trying to be strong
Waiting for the spring to turn into the fall

Answer:Enchanted and Destiny

9. Name at least two drummers who have performed live with Stevie Nicks.

Answer: Scott Cragil (Timespace)
Russ Kunkel (Bella Donna, Street Angel)
Mick Fleetwood
Mark Schulman
Land Richards
Jimmy Paxson
and other..

10. Name 3 of Stevie's solo albums who have been rated at least Platinum by the RIAA (over 1 million albums sold).

Answer: Bella Donna
Wild Heart
Rock A Little
The Other Side of the Mirror

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