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The Crew from the Fleetwood Mac "Say You Will" Tour

Chris Adamson - Production Manager
Andrea Kramer - Production Coordinator
Bobby Herr - Stage Manager
Dave Natale - House Engineer
Ed Dracoules - Monitor Engineer
Robert Miller - Monitor Engineer
Paul Guthrie - Lighting/Projection Designer
Wally Lees - Lighting Director

Dave Barrera - Guitar Tech
Michael Bernard - Keyboard Tech
Mike Dean - Keyboard Tech/Player
Joe Dorosz - Percussion Tech
Thom Lowry - LB Guitar Tech
Steve Rinkov - Drum and Internet/Network Tech
Mark Scaggs - Bass Tech

Brian "Tuffy" Knight - Head Rigger
Ken Heague - 2nd Rigger

Jerry Zambardino - Head Carpenter
J. Dennis - Carpenter 2
Albert Bermudez - Carpenter 3

Jill Focke - Wardrobe
Cory Buckingham - Teleprompter/Dressing Room/Ambiance

Keith Lavoie - Video Director
Randy Ice - EIC
Mark Cabalquinto - Show Controller
Mike Casillas - Camera/PJ Tech 2
Mike Johnson - Camera
Bill Smythe - PJ Tech

Kirk Shreiner - Audio
Greg Reynolds - Audio
Wes Clair - Audio
John Weibel - Audio

Ronald Beal - Lighting Crew Chief
Jeff Anderson - Lights
Anthony Ciampa - Lights
Dale Evans - Lights
Zac Cromwell - Lights

Tim "Chivo" Call - Catering Crew Chief and Chef
Todd Payden - Catering Chef
Stephen Mattai - Catering Chef
Victoria Call - Catering Dressing Rooms
Rachel Hall - Catering Dining Room
Sherri Payton - Catering Dining Room

Sunil Sunha - Concerts West
Brent Silberstein - Concerts West

Mike Mallatt - Lead Bus Driver
Joe Folk - Bus Driver
Donnie Leach - Bus Driver
Jon Schott - Bus Driver

Scott McKee - Lead Truck Driver
Mike Matthews - Truck Driver
Ted Pavia - Truck Driver
Dwayne Williams - Truck Driver
Ron Dollar - Truck Driver
Steve Rohlfs - Truck Driver
Jon Dorsett - Truck Driver
Brian Serbin - Truck Driver
Bill Finan - Truck Driver


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