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Billboard's Review of Reconsider Me
``Reconsider Me'' (3:47) Modern/Atlantic

``Enchanted: The Enchanted Works Of Stevie Nicks,'' a three-CD boxed retrospective, is ushered in with a previously unreleased rendition of a gem from the Warren Zevon songbook of underrated gems. On this outtake from the ``Rock A Little'' sessions, Nicks is in excellent voice, twirling with familiar melodrama over an arrangement of strumming guitars and a midtempo rock beat. Don Henley adds an extra dose of familiarity with a sweet harmony vocal. The ongoing goodwill generated by last year's Fleetwood Mac reunion bodes extremely well for the commercial future of this fine recording as well as Nicks' upcoming summer tour.

Thanks to Christine Kilger for sending this interview to The Nicks Fix.
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