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Mark Schulman - Drummer
Drummer, producer, writer

Photo of Mark Mark Schulman recently finished tours with BILLY IDOL, CHER and FOREIGNER, He is prominently featured in the VH1 Storytellers with Billy Idol. He is currently touring with STEVIE NICKS and SHERYL CROW doing venues in the states this summer. Mark is writing and producing all kinds of music. He has at least one song slated for CHER's next record. Mark is also the musical director of a celebrity based music television series currently in development.

As a Drummer, Schulman recently toured/recorded with CHER, FOREIGNER, BILLY IDOL, STEVE STEVENS, DAVID BENOIT, DAVE KOZ, UDO LINDENBERG and Japanese artist, KYOSUKE HIMURO. Mark has worked on new records with FRANK GAMBALE, the Austrian relief song, LAST STAND for the KOSOVO relief project, BRENDA RUSSELL and YOLANDA TAMU. Mark has also worked with newer artists, STONE TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE MARTIN, MARY CUTRUFELO, TOMMY HENDRIX, TAL BACHMAN and others. His recording/touring credits also include SIMPLE MINDS, MICHEAL HUTCHENSE, AL GREEN, RICHARD MARX, BOBBY CALDWELL, DAVE KOZ, POINTER SISTERS, JEFF LORBER, O' JAYS, Various CHRISTIAN Artists on the NORTHSTAR label, BEVERLY HILLS COP III, SPEED and other films, various national TV and radio jingles and interactive media projects. As a classically trained Cellist, Mark performed with the LA JUNIOR PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA when he was a kid.

Mark's songs are being used in upcoming feature films. BILLY IDOL recorded BURIED ALIVE which Mark co-wrote for the animated film HEAVY METAL II. MICHAEL McDONALD recently recorded GILLIAN which Mark wrote and produced for the UGOTTAWANNA soundtrack, Mark has also placed two Jammin Planet artists, KL, and TOLLAK's music in a few independent films.

Mark also co-wrote some songs for German star UDO LINDENBERG’s record, one of which will be used for a major ad campaign for the big telecommunications company, Telecom. Mark wrote and produced all the music for the new animated children’s show in development, ADVENTURE CLUB at Netter Digital.

As producer and engineer his current projects include CHER, KL, BILLY IDOL, CLOCK with guitarist, VIVIAN CAMPBELL, RENEE CHAMBERS and others.

In addition to the credits mentioned above, Mark’s writing/composer credits include STEVE STEVENS, CHER's new STYLE SHOW, SUNNY LEDFORD, CLOCK, MATTEL, NOVA LOGIC, feature medleys on the DISNEY CHANNEL and NICKELODEON, themes for SHOWTIME and the USA NETWORK, source music for THE SOPRANOS, songs for the soap opera, PASSIONS, promos for COUNTRY MUSIC TELEVISION and NASHVILLE NETWORK, SONY, IBM, and various movie trailers.

Mark on Drums


Mark is a trained audio engineer and an active educator teaching at the LOS ANGELES MUSIC ACADEMY and performing drum clinics all over the world.

Mark currently endorses SABIAN cymbals, MAPEX drums, VIC FIRTH sticks, GIBRALTAR hardware, REMO heads, LATIN PERCUSSION, SHURE microphones, STEINBERG, BITHEADZ, and MOTU audio products.

See the JAMMIN PLANET Website for more information on Mark.


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