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Wall Street Journal
August 31, 2001

from The Wall Street Journal
August 31
Weekend Journal
"Music for Grownups" (a round-up on new boomer-friendly sounds)
by Daniel Costello and Jennifer Ordonez

'Trouble In Shangri-La"
Stevie Nicks (Reprise)
Albums sold: 492,000
Sounds like: She did in the early '80s

It took a little hand-holding to squeeze this CD out of the former Fleetwood Mac singer-everyone from Tom Petty to Sheryl Crow helped coax her into the recording studio for her first solo gig in seven years. But the "emo-rock" and acoustic numbers have won Ms. Nicks her best reviews since the mid-1980s. At least partial credit goes to Ms. Crow, who wrote and produced several tracks, but it didn't hurt that the Dixie Chicks pitched in. If some of the songs on "Trouble in Shangri-La" sound eerily familiar, that's because a few were written back in the '70s for Fleetwood Mac, but never recorded.

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