[The Nicks Fix]

“Amplified Femininity”

by Barbara Bruner


The radio DJ asked, “Why do you think Stevie Nicks was voted ‘most anticipated tour of the summer,’ by Billboard magazine?” with bewilderment. Well Mr. DJ, I can answer that question for you.

Stevie Nicks is the dream of what every young woman wants to be. She is the dance, of budding femininity, before it gets killed by the frost. She is the poet in our hearts who speaks for us. Stevie Nicks is sunlace and paper flowers. She is the expression of youthful femininity through the power of a woman. Stevie is the aura of Juliette, the myth of Rhiannon, the mystical gypsy. She is the dichotomy of strength in the masculinity of her names, combined with the softness of long flowing hair; a deep, mellow voice, with twirling, wispy hemlines, she is the blended gender we can relate to. She is leather and lace. She is the fire, when she walks into a room. Stevie Nicks is the expression of the female spirit through booming amplifiers! That is why we admire her, and look forward to seeing her with great anticipation.


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