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Message from the Arizona Heart Institute

Stevie fans the date is near,
for birthday wishes and good cheer!
Our favorite star was born in May,
with uncommon talents to display.

Her endowment is a gift
that gives her fans a unique lift
of spirit and expectations,
leading to unique elation.

Through words and music, Stevie knows
the inner needs we just canít show.
Vocalizing these sweet sounds
lets Stevieís generosity abound.

If you want to celebrate
with Stevie on her special date,
support the Arizona Heart Institute Foundation
with your tax-deductible donation.

Your dollars for our research center
are the best remembrance to present her.


Stevie and her family have made a lifelong commitment to help end heart disease through their dedication to the Arizona Heart Institute Foundation. Your birthday contribution will be treasured as a very generous remembrance. With each contribution, the Foundation will send Stevie a birthday card identifying the name of the donor.

You can also purchase a Trouble in Shangri La T-shirt for $30. Every 10th purchaser will receive a Stevie Nicks CD. (Contact the Arizona Heart Institute Foundation at: Mbercovitch@azheart.com )

View the front or back of the shirt.