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Wells Fargo Stevie Nicks and Friends Concert
Transcribed to text

Lights Down

Introduction by Stevie's dad.

Stevie enters stage right.

"Outside the Rain"

- starts with her singing into the wrong mike and then being shown her mike and laughing - running over to it.


Stevie: Thank you everybody SO MUCH for being here tonight. I' not gonna break the flow of the show - or whatever that is - to say too much to you except to tell you how much we appreciate this and how much it will help all of us someday and it's like, you know, I'm already worried. So, thank you so much for being a part of it and coming and being with us and I promise you you'll get something back for this. Thank you.



Stevie: Thank you!

"Gold Dust Woman"

Stevie: Thank you so much. Now. The most greatest thing. One of the most greatest things about tonight is that I get to have some of my really great friends that actually came here to be on this show. So. First off - someone who is like, well, one- you'll hear - I call it our record. When, our record is finished now and Sheryl produced like 6 or 7 songs. She's incredible and she's like, you know, so smart (pointing to her head). Anyway, my really good friend, Sheryl Crow

"Everyday is a Winding Road" with Stevie

Stevie: Here she is - she's all yours for a few moments. (as she's leaving the stage she sort of stumbles over some wires and Waddy says - watch out baby, watch out. She grabs him and says "I'm gonna dance all.. night" - and you hear Waddy laugh.

Sheryl: What a band

Stevie: That choreography was amazing. Hello Sheryl.

Sheryl: Hi

Stevie: It's just what we wanted right? A big stage, a great huge fabulous hall, lots of wonderful people.

Sheryl: You have the best fans in the world.

Stevie: I know. They are. Give yourselves a little hug.

"My Favorite Mistake"

"Difficult Kind" with Stevie

Sheryl: Thank you so much!

Stevie: Thank you.

(Stevie leaves - brief silence)

Stevie: I was supposed...I knew I supposed to do something. I was supposed to stand up here and talk because they had to take Sheryl's amplifiers and stuff off the stage so that - because we have more people coming onto the stage. So hang with us, we'll be right....we're, we're doing our best.

"Stand Back"

Stevie: It's the time of your life....(singing). Well, I have to tell you one more thing that - right...what I meant was...ok. What I meant was I'm so glad you're here. Just warms my heart. Alright!

"Leather & Lace" (Don Henley enters)

Stevie: Don Henley.

Don: Thank you.

"Boys of Summer" (acoustic)

Don: Thank you. I'll see you real soon.

Stevie: I want you to know that we, Don & I have known each other since like 1976. All of these years and... Don thank you so much for doing this! (hug)

Don: I'll see you in about 3 weeks.

Stevie: Mad dogs and Englishmen.I would like to introduce to you my, my mad dogs and Englishmen to you because without a band a girl can't really go out - go on the road unless...I don't play that well. Right back here...(forgets his name and looks to side stage) tell me...(tells her) I know that. Mr. Scott Plunkett...I knew - it was a joke!!!! I've known Scott Craigo for - since like 1986. (Laughs) Can you believe that? On drums, Mr. Scott Craigo! On percussion Mr. Danny Reyes. On keyboards Mr. Brett Tuggle. (laughing) oh and excuse me we have to take one little moment for Brett. It's his Birthday. Brett - how old are you?

Brett: uhhh, 25.

Stevie: Do you want us to sing Happy Birthday to you? or do you...

Brett: you're singing and it's my birthday so it's cool.

Stevie: (humming birthday song) ok here we go...Mindy.

"Happy Birthday"

Stevie: Not his birthday but great anyway, lead guitar - Mr. Waddy Watchel.

On much more than back up vocals, like front-up vocals. The most important - these girls...Miss Mindy Stein and Miss Sharon Celani.

Right over here the guy who catches me when I almost kill myself last week. Can I tell you how much I appreciate that you are here on this earth. I tripped over his bass monitor on a really tiny stage - we were like, doing a club. And he caught me before I like flung my whole body, head first - into the ground. He saved my life. Mr. Don Boyette, Mr. Bass Man.

And right here somebody who's been playing guitar for me for a long time...my rhythm, my rhythm king. Mr. Carlos Rios. Now let's rock.

"Rhiannon" (long piano intro)

Stevie: Thank you. So much. Well now we have another wonderful surprise for you. First of all I have to tell you a little - before, before the surprise, a little bit about this song - that the surprise is going to do. I learned this song from my Grandfather when I was about 4 or 5 years old. It's one of the first songs I ever sang. I SWEAR to God. In harmony. So - ladies and gentleman Mr. Chris Isaac.

Chris: Thank you.

Stevie: In Red.

Chris: Uh, Stevie? ok, um. I don't wanna do that song after all. Let's do a different one.

Stevie: ok.

Chris: No, I just want to start off by saying I just appreciate all you people coming out here for such a worthy cause and.. I think that - I was talking to some of the people backstage who were actually working with the Arizona Heart Institute and they told me that they keep raising money like this and they're gonna be able to reach their goal of next year moving it to Hawaii. (laughter)

The heart, my second favorite organ. Ready?

Stevie: ok...ok!

Chris: I had to just slip that in.

Stevie: ooookkkkk!!

Chris: (Starts the song on his own)...somethin' like that?

Stevie: yes, perfect. It's late.

"It's Late" (Chris very obviously reading the lyrics off the floor!)

Stevie: Does he not look fabulous in red?

The next song well, you may remember....and you may not...

Chris: Tell them the story about this.

Stevie: You tell the story about this.

Chris: A lot of people don't realize that Stevie and I have worked together before - it was back in nineteen....and I don't want to tell stories here but 1977 in Fresno California...Stevie and I were playing a small bar called the Tic Tac Club. And at that time Stevie wasn't known as Stevie - she wasn't the big star that she is today - her name was Happy. My name was Gail - that's a long story. It was Happy and Gail and we used to sing this song together. This was one of our early big hits. Should we do it? Pick it up.

Stevie: It's a serious song.

Chris: Not the way I do it.

(Stevie is laughing, shaking her head)

"Solitary Man"

Stevie: Is he great? Ahhhhh!!!! Alright everybody you are in for such a treat. I'm gonna tell you now Chris....10 minutes, 15 minutes you can not go on for 30 minutes. OK? You can not go on for 30 minutes.You can not tell those jokes I told you NOT TO TELL IN MY SHOW.

Chris: She actually came and told me before the show - this is true - she goes "my mom and my dad are going to be here and I want you to clean up your act." So I've taken out most of the filth. I've just left a little filth for the people back in the cheap seats back up in here. Cheap and filthy seats, yes.

Gimme that beat bartender.

"Feel Like Crying" (Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing) with Sheryl Crow vamping!

Stevie: Everyone - again, you know, I know you probably don't understand how DIFFICULT it is to get all these people together but these guys like came here from a long way to help us on this heart thing - so...give em a big hand. Sheryl, Chris!

A touring idea forms in our head..... And now, what can I say....Can I say it yet? I would like to - from by heart of hearts - introduce you to Lindsey Buckingham.

It is our pleasure to be together.

Lindsey: You know um....no stay here for a minute, stay here (Stevie was walking away then came back and put her arms around him). When I was a young boy my family used to come to this area every Easter vacation. And ah, much later when Stevie and I were just trying to get our careers going we came here a lot to visit her parents so there is a common bond we share with this place and there is also a sense of the eternal return to this place I think. And I...what I want to say is that...after all of this time that's gone by with us and all of the incredible pleasure AND the incredible pain that is, that - you know - we have all experienced in the last 20 some odd years that we find ourselves here again - in this place tonight returning at a time when everything again becomes possible. So I'm going to dedicate these two songs to Stevie tonight.

"Big Love"

Poem from Lindsey:

The world was calling you away and your leaving was just a way of staying with what you'd come to say. This pain was a poem, slowly written, torn from the book and cast into a corner in the attic, where no one could look this rage for all to see, caught fire and burned all around me till there was nothing left to burn. Now I stand alone in these attic bones and re-read that poem, all yellowed with age, tears heal such as healing is so I cast that page into the ashes and there is no blame, only shades of regret, and those too will fade... as the world calls me away.

"Go Insane"

Lindsey: Thank you so much. You guys are great!

Stevie: So I would - ah - like to take a second to make a few dedications for this song of my own. When we play this in different cities we find somebody to give this song to but in this city we have a lot of people that we love - we love all of you - but we have Jeff Buckingham Lindsey's brother and we have my dad Jess Nicks and my mom Barbara and we have my Aunt Carmel (?) and we want to dedicate this song to you.


Stevie: Thank you.

Now Lindsey, Lindsey and I - well really it was just Lindsey who decided that he wanted to do this song for you guys. We have never done this before - well we did it before many, many years ago but we've never actually done this song on stage before so - I mean without a whole full on band. So....


Lindsey: Thank you!

Stevie: Thank you so much.

You know - I am sure that you are aware of this - sitting out there that we don't get to come together that often - these people. So when we do it's so special. So thank you for like giving us a reason to even do this.

"Edge of Seventeen"

Stevie: I know what it sounds like. Um...I just want you to know again - what can I say. I - you know - people are probably sitting out there thinking - Well Stevie, you don't really have much more to say. You already thanked us and all that. We're havin' a good time. But I do want you to know - from my heart of hearts - and I have to tell you - I'm going to do it - a little story about your father. A month ago - Carlos - we did a - we were doing a corporate show and Carlos was so freaked out that I have to tell you...The worst show you ever did. Because he was so upset cuz his dad was having heart problems and he was having those - that - operation. And I said to him - you know what? I know these doctors they are so smart, they are so brilliant and they are working every day and they will fix your dad. And they did!!! and he's here tonight! And we are thanking God. Because if anything had happened to Carlos' father he would never have played again. You know. So. Thank you very much you guys - you are a blessing.

Now this is a song by my friend Tom Petty who is like, you know, the greatest writer of words. So we dedicated this to Tom.

"I Need to Know"

"Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You"

Thank you Don Henley, Lindsey Buckingham, Sheryl Crow, Chris Isaac. Most important - thank you guys. And you know what? I live here in Phoenix so - this is my town - so thank you so much. Have a great night. Bye bye.


Thanks to Leslie for transcribing the concert.

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